venerdì 31 agosto 2012

Oregon - Clusone Jazz Festival 2006

Glen Moore, bass
Mark Walker, drums
Paul McCandless, reeds
Ralph Towner, guitars, piano, synth

1. If
2. Joyful departure
3. An open door
4. Pepe linque
5. Distant hills

Registrato a Clusone il 30.7.2006
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 13.2.2007

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giovedì 30 agosto 2012

Enrico Rava & Stefano Bollani - La stanza della musica (2008)

Enrico Rava, trumpet
Stefano Bollani, piano

01 Intro
02 Sun bay
03 Santa Teresa / Algir dalbughi
04 Estate

Registrato nella sala A di via Asiago in Roma il 7/02/200

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Patti Smith and her band - Live aux Vieilles Charrues 2004

Jay Dee Daugherty - Guitar, Drums, Percussion
Jesse Lee Smith - Piano
Lenny Kaye - Guitar, Pedal Steel, Composer
Oliver Ray - Guitar, Farfisa Organ, Art Direction, Design
Patti Smith - Clarinet, Vocals, Composer, Producer, Photography
Rebecca Weiner - Violin
Tony Shanahan - bass, Organ (Hammond), Keyboards, Vocals (Background)

1. Jubilee
2. Break it up
3. Beneath the southern cross
4. 25th floor
5. Cash
6. Seven ways of going
7. Dancing barefoot
8. Free money
9. Peaceable kingdom
10. Gloria

You can find this rare live here

mercoledì 29 agosto 2012

Barefoot. A tribute to Patti Smith (1997)

1. Privilege (Set Me Free) - Lucy Cotter
2. Piss Factory - Swarf Sisters
3. Frederick - P.W.
4. Free Money - Pauline Murray & Penetration
5. Easter - Baptism
6. Because the Night - Beki Bondage
7. We Three - Die Lady Di
8. Rock N' Roll Nigger - Brix Smith
9. Dancing Barefoot - Beverly Sister
10. Gloria: In Excelsis Deo / Gloria (Version) - Dead Sex Kitten
11. Elegie - Dissenne Franchize
12. Pissing in a River (Live at the London Camden Falcon) - The I.V. Webb Band

Out of print. Try it here

Patti Smith - Live in Bologna (2008)

Patti Smith - voce, chitarra, clarinetto
Jackson Smith - chitarre
Lenny Kaye - chitarre
Jay Dee Daugherty - batteria
Tony Shanahan - bass
Tom Verlaine - guitars
Giovanni Sollima - cello

01 Kimberly
02 Redondo Beach
03 Ghost dance
04 Birdland
05 Beneath the southern cross
06 Frederick
07 Dancing barefoot
08 Because the night
09 Gloria
10 Soul kitchen
11 People have the power

Registrato dal vivo al Teatro Arena del sole di Bologna il 4 aprile 2008
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Uno il 9.5.2008

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Patti Smith group - Pavilion, France, march 26, 1978

Patti Smith - vocals
Jay Dee Daugherty - drums
Lenny Kaye - guitar
Ivan Kral - bass, guitar
Richard Sohl - piano

01 Ask the angels
02 25the floor
03 Pumping (my heart)
04 Till victory
05 Privilege (Set me free)
06 Because the night
07 Gloria

Dowload here

martedì 28 agosto 2012

Scott Cossu - Islands (1984)

Arranged By – Steven Miller
Bass, Bass [8-string] – Mark Egan
Cello – Eugene Friesen
Congas, Percussion – Roger Squitero
Drums – Danny Gottlieb
Flute – Dave ValentinFrench Horn – Tom Varner
Piano – Scott CossuSynthesizer – Steve GabouryViolin – Michael Urbaniak

01 Ohana
02 Gypsy Dance
03 St. Croix
04 Islands
05 Harlequin Messenger
06 Vashon Poem
07 Oristano Sojourn
08 Fawn

Vinyl rip here

Bill Frisell & Vernon Reid - Smash & Scatteration (1985)

Bill Frisell & Vernon Reid: electric & acoustic guitars, guitar synthesizers, banjo, drums

1. Landscapes in alternative history
2. Size 10 1/2 sneaks
3. Amarillo, Barbados
4. Last nights of Paris
5. Burden of dreams
6. Dark skin
7. Fr, Fr, Frisell
8. Small hands
9. Black light

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Francesco Gazzara - The piano room (2006)

Bernardo Barroso, flute
Corrado Stefani, cello
Francesco Gazzara, piano
Luca Fogagnolo, bass
Milena Angelé, sax
Sarah Moss, bassoon

1. Scattered by the winds of change
2. The garden centre
3. Watcher of the skies
4. My vessel
5. A world in bloom
6. Ices
7. Punch & Judy
8. The age of chivalry
9. Empty house
10. Outside the room

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lunedì 27 agosto 2012

E.S.T. Esbjörn Svensson Trio - Il volo del jazz (2006)

Esbjörn Svensson, pianoforte; 
Dan Berglund, contrabbasso; 
Magnus Ostrom, batteria

1. Tuesday Wonderland
2. Second
3. The Goldhearted Miner
4. Fourth

Registrato a Sacile il 2.12.2006
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 29.5.2007

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Manfred Schoof quintet - Scales (1976)

Günter Lenz, bass
Jasper Van't Hof, piano, electric piano, organ
Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
Ralf Hübner, drums
Manfred Schoof, trumpet, flugelhorn

01 Scales
02 Ostinato
03 For Marianne
04 Weep and cry
05 Flowers all over

Vinyl ripped here

domenica 26 agosto 2012

Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition - Album Album (1984)

Jack DeJohnette’s Album Album, an exercise in exuberance in memory of his late mother, opens with one of his most sophisticated compositions ever committed to disc: “Ahmad The Terrible.” With an engaging klezmer-like joie de vivre and fantastic soprano sax work from John Purcell, it’s a sheer delight from start to finish. The first of five DeJohnette originals, it leaps from the speakers like a body in motion. As if that weren’t jubilant enough, “Festival” stirs up a crowd’s worth of enthusiasm, made all the more inspiring through some notably spirited drumming. “New Orleans Strut” makes tongue-in-cheek use of drum machine as DeJohnette plays a synth lead (his pianism in the opener is also worth noting). Over this bubbly layer the punchy stylings of both reedmen work their way from the groove in most visible fashion. Such is also the case in “Third World Anthem,” another sophisticated peak. Playful whoops from horns add a strong emotional undercurrent toward the elegant staccato finish. “Zoot Suite” makes a welcome cameo, cut in half from its first appearance on Special Edition. The present rendition is delicate, but with no loss of groove to show for it. The one compositional outlier is “Monk’s Mood,” in which horns and bass dance cheek-to-cheek as if in an old Hollywood black-and-white. It also engenders the album’s only blatant lapse into unrequited joy through the baritone of Howard Johnson.

The glorious verve of DeJohnette and his band mates keeps us anchored amid a flurry of sonic activity and, alongside the tight bass work of Rufus Reid, allows little time for sadness. Here is a space in which mourning must wear a smile, where the self is always secondary to those one loves.

John Purcell saxophones
David Murray saxophone
Howard Johnson tuba, saxophone
Rufus Reid bass
Jack DeJohnette drums, keyboards

01 Ahmad The Terrible
02 Monk's mood
03 Festival
04 New Orleans strut
05 Third World Anthem
06 Zoot suite

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Mark Knopfler - Lucca SummerFestival 2001

1. Calling Elvis (02:35)
2. Walk of life (07:13)
3. What is is (05:59)
4. Romeo and Juliette (08:03)
5. Sultans of swing (08:37)
6. Alè Oh-Oh (00:40)
7. Done with Bonaparte (05:21)
8. Who's your baby now (03:51)
9. Wag the dog (05:36)
10. Junkie doll (06:21)
11. Telegraph road (13.48)
12. Speedway at Nazareth (06:47)
13. Brothers in arms (08:02)
14. Money for nothing (09:46)

Registrato e trasmesso in diretta dal vivo dalla piazza Napoleone di Lucca, nell'ambito della trasmissione RadioDue SummerFestival il 7 luglio 2001

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Tomasz Stanko quartet - Novara Jazz 2007

Marcin Wasilewski, piano
Michal Miskiewicz, drums
Slawomir Kurkiewicz, bass
Tomasz Stanko, trumpet

01 Variation I
02 Variation II
03 Variation III
04 Variation IV
05 Variation V
06 Variation VI
07 Variation VII
08 Variation VIII

Registrato a Novara, Teatro Coccia, l'1.6.2007
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 27 novembre 2007

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sabato 25 agosto 2012

Bobo Stenson & Tomasz Stanko - Talos Live 2000

Bobo Stenson, piano
Tomasz Stanko, trumpet

1. First    19:57
2. Second    10:16
3. Third    10:07

Registrato dal vivo in occasione del Talos Festival 2000 a Ruvo di Puglia il 7 settembre 2000. Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 22.5.2001

Download here

Tomasz Stanko quartet with Gianluigi Trovesi - Live (2003)

Gianluigi Trovesi - sax, clarinets
Marcin Wasilewski - piano
Michal Miskiewicz - drums
Slawomir Kurkiewicz - bass
Tomasz Stanko - trumpet

1. Litania
2. Svantetic
3. Ballada
4. Sleep, safe and warm
5. Night-time, daytime requiem
6. Ballad for Bernt

Registrato al festival Parma Jazz Frontiere il 7 dicembre 2003. Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 13 aprile 2004

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Tomasz Stanko quartet - Live in Sweden (2012)

Tomasz Stanko: trumpet
Dominik Wania: piano
Slawomir Kurkiewicz: bass
Olavi Louhivuori: drums

1. Litania
2. New Theme
3. Amsterdam Avenue
4. Grand Central
5. So NIce
6. Terminal 7
7. The Dark Eyes Of Martha Hirsch

Live at Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival, Ystad, Sweden, August 3, 2012
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venerdì 24 agosto 2012

Dave Holland Quartet - Live in Canada (1991)

Dave Holland - acoustic bass & direction
Steve Coleman - alto sax
Kevin Eubanks - electric guitar
Marvin 'Smitty' Smith - drums

1. Color of Mind
2. African Lullaby
3. Black Hole
4. Take the Coltrane

FM Broadcast
East Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada, March 1991

Download here

Barre Phillips - For all it is (1971)

Barre Phillips, Palle Danielsson, Barry Guy, J. F. Jenny-Clark, bass;
Stu Martin, drums

01 Just 8
02 Whoop
03 Few Too
04 La Palette
05 Y En A
06 Dribble
07 Y.M

 recorded March 12, 1971, Alster Film-Tonstudios, Hamburg

Vinyl rip here

giovedì 23 agosto 2012

Stefano Battaglia - Re: Pasolini live (2007)

Stefano Battaglia, pianoforte;
Michael Gassmann, tromba;
Mirco Mariottini, clarinetti;
Aya Shimura, violoncello;
Salvatore Maiore, contrabbasso;
Roberto Dani, batteria

01 Moravia
02 Introducing the band
03 Il sogno di una cosa
04 Totò e Ninetto
05 Teorema

Roccella Jazz Festival: Stefano Battaglia Re: Pasolini
Registrato a Gerace, Piazza delle Tre Chiese, il 17.8.2007
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 29 maggio 2008

Download here

Bill Frisell quintet - Umbria Jazz 2006

Bill Frisell, chitarra;
Ron Miles, tromba;
Greg Tardy, sassofono;
Tony Scherr, contrabbasso;
Kenny Wollesen, batteria

1. Monroe (Bill Frisell)
2. Second (Bill Frisell)
3. Throughout (Bill Frisell)
4. Subconscious Lee (Lee Konitz)
5. A changes gonna come (Sam Cooke)
6. Baba drame (Boubacar Traore)
7. Raise four (Thelonious Monk)
8. La La La means I love you (Delfonics)

Registrato a Perugia, Teatro Morlacchi, il 16 luglio 2006
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 19 ottobre 2006

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mercoledì 22 agosto 2012

Remo Anzovino - Live (2011)

Remo Anzovino - pianoforte
Gianni Fassetta - fisarmonica
Marco Anzovino - chitarra

01 Eco di un canto
02 Rione Terra (inedito)
03 Igloo
04 Untitled
05 Orchidea
06 Cammino nella notte
07 Tabù

Registrato il 7.10.2011
Trasmesso da RSI Rete Due il 22.8.2012

Download this wonderful studio concert here

Franco Battiato - Live in New York (2000)

Franco Battiato parte per New York senza nemmeno un disco distribuito negli Stati Uniti, invitato dall'Istituto Italiano di Cultura. Sembra un suicidio artistico, ma si vede subito che non è così: tra le facce infreddolite che affollano la vetusta Town Hall, figurano anche diversi curiosi di lingua inglese e i colori della multirazzialità più cosmopolita. L'inizio è cauto da entrambe le parti. Battiato rivisita le canzoni di Sergio Endrigo, Charles Aznavour, Charles Trenet e le altre dal recente Fleurs. Anche il pubblico sembra che aspetti tempi migliori e si scompone solo per Ruby Tuesday di Jagger & Richards. Ma ci vuole una vibrante La chanson des vieux amants di Jacques Brel per eccitare l'entusiasmo collettivo. Dopo tutto sembra più facile e, quando nel secondo tempo Battiato ripropone gli hits più memorabili di carriera, gli applausi crescono fino al trionfo più vistoso e sorprendente. Accompagnato dal quartetto d'archi e dal filosofo-entertainer Manlio Sgalambro, che canta perfino in francese La mer di Trenet, il musicista siciliano sfiora le vette più estatiche con Oceano di silenzio, anche per il sublime intervento del sopranista Simone Bartolini, l'ultima scoperta di Battiato. Sommerso di fiori e complimenti, Franco è costretto a tornare in scena per una lunga passerella di bis.
Giacomo Pellicciotti

Franco Battiato è stato accompagnato da
Simone Bartolini (controtenore)
Michele Fedrigotti (piano)
Diego Conti (violino)
Maurizio Simonelli (violoncello)
Maurizio Tortorelli (violino)
Demetrio Comuzzi (viola)
Angelo Privitera (tastiere e programmazione computer)
Francesca Rivabene (tastiere)
Ben Fenner (regia)
Manlio Sgalambro (qualche testo e voce in “La mer”)

1. La canzone dell'amore perduto (F.De André)
2. Ruby thuesday (M.Jagger, K.Richards)
3. J'entends siffler le train (Richard Anthony)
4. Te lo leggo negli occhi (Sergio Endrigo)
5. La canzone dei vecchi amanti (Jacques Brel)
6. L'ombra della luce (F.Battiato)
7. E ti vengo a cercare (F.Battiato)
8. La stagione dell'amore (F.Battiato)
9. I treni per Tozeur (F.Battiato)
10. La cura (F.Battiato, M.Sgalambro)
11. Voglio vederti danzare (F.Battiato)
12. Summer on a solitary beach (F.Battiato)
13. Prospettiva Nevsky (F.Battiato)
14. L'era del cinghiale bianco (F.Battiato)
15. Gli uccelli (F.Battiato)
16. Centro di gravità permanente (F.Battiato)
17. La mer cantata da Manlio Sgalambro (Charles Trenet)
18. Apoftegma

Registrato alla Town Hall di New York il 14 gennaio 2000. Trasmesso da Radio Uno Rai l’11 febbraio 2000.

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martedì 21 agosto 2012

Jenny Scheinman & Bill Frisell, Live In Concert: Newport Jazz 2012

The violinist Jenny Scheinman and guitarist Bill Frisell have both developed reputations for flexibility — for being able to collaborate with any musicians from country rockers to straight-ahead swing barons. Appropriately, they've been working together in bands for quite a long time now, including in Frisell's John Lennon tribute earlier in the festival. This duo performance features the two alone together, working out stripped-down versions of Scheinman's fiddle tunes.
by Patrick Jarenwattananon

Jenny Scheinman, violin
Bill Frisell, guitar

1. Einsamaller
2. Sidiki / Jara Bi
3. Django's Castle
4. Rag
5. Thirteen Days
6. July 10th in 3/4
7. 413
8. Little Calypso
9. Sleeping in the Aquifer
10. That's Delight

Download here

Dino Saluzzi - Live in Sweden (2004)

Dino Saluzzi bandoneon
Jose Maria Saluzzi guitar
Palle Danielsson bass

1. Zurdo
2. Dele…, Don!!
3. A Mi Hermano Celso
4. Untitled
5. Monica
6. La Pequena Historia De…!

Live at Jeriko, Malmo, Sweden, May 4, 2004

Download here

Dave Holland & Pepe Habichuela Flamenco Quintet - Tampere Jazz Happening (2011)

The bassist legend Dave Holland and Pepe Habichuela, the brightest star in the flamenco sky, played a concert together in Sevilla in 2007. After four days of practice and a successful concert, Holland’s interest in flamenco was truly ignited. In 2010, the duo released the album ”Hands” (Dare2records, 2010) which combines the styles of fandango, rumba, and bulería.

Holland has stated that he never had the intent to form a fusion between jazz and flamenco, but rather wanted to learn the deepest essence of Gypsy music and perhaps bring his own ideas to it. This respectful attitude, together with a deep sense of devotion, has allowed Holland to establish a connection directly between his bass and the soul of flamenco.

Pepe Habichuela, the undisputed maestro of Andalusian flamenco, is a third-generation musician from a recognized flamenco dynasty. He and Holland are accompanied by recognized members of the young flamenco generation, including Habichuela’s son, Josemi Carmona, who plays guitar in the tremendously popular Ketama, as well as percussionists Juan Carmona and el Bandolero.

Pepe Habichuela – first guitar
Josemi Carmona – second guitar
Juan Carmona – percussion
Bandolero - percussion
Dave Holland – bass

01 Musicians introduction
02 Puente Quebrao (Buleria)
03 Hands (Fandango De Huelva)
04 The Whirling Dervish
05 Camaron (Taranta)
06 Yesqueros (Media Granaina)
07 Tangroove
08 Bass solo
09 Bailaor (Seguiriya Cabal)
10 El Ritmo Me Lleva (Rumba)
11 Subi La Cuesta (Tangos)

Recorded live in Tampere (Finland), november 4, 2011
Trasmesso da RSI Rete Due Sabato 18 agosto 2012

Download here

domenica 19 agosto 2012

Jan Garbarek Group - Ravenna Jazz Festival (1995)

Eberhard Weber, bass
Marilyn Mazur, drums, percussion
Rainer Brüninghaus, keyboards
Jan Garbarek, saxophones

1. Magas coloradas suite part 1
2. Magas coloradas suite part 2
3. Magas coloradas suite part 3
4. Magas coloradas suite part 4

Registrato alla Rocca Brancaleone di Ravenna il 27 Luglio
Download here

sabato 18 agosto 2012

Michael Benita - Terni in Jazz 2006

Michel Benita, contrabbasso, effetti;
Erik Truffaz, tromba;
Patrick Muller, Fender Rhodes;
Philippe Garcia, batteria, effetti

1. Beginning
2. Second tune
3. Still flow
4. Ending

Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 19 febbraio 2007
Registrato a Terni, Anfiteatro Romano il 25.6.2006

Download here

Joey Baron - Jazz & Wine of Peace (2006)

Brad Shepik, chitarra
Joey Baron, batteria
Steve Cardenas, chitarra
Tony Scherr, basso

01 Home Stretch (Joe Henderson)
02 The red blouse (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
03 Bricks (Joey Baron)
04 Pocket full of change (Joey Baron)
05 Slow charleston (Joey Baron)
06 Equailed (Joey Baron)
07 Bit o'water (Joey Baron)
08 Wisely (Joey Baron)

Registrato a Cormòns (GO), Teatro Comunale, il 27.10.2006
FESTIVAL "JAZZ & WINE OF PEACE ": Joey Baron "Killer Joey"

Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 17 luglio 2007

Download here

Vassilis Tsabropoulos - Piano in passion (2010)

Vassilis Tsabropoulos - piano

01 Part 1
02 Part 2
03 Part 3
04 Part 4
05 Part 5
06 Part 6
07 Part 7
08 Part 8
09 Part 9 - Part 10
10 Conclusion

Part one
Part two

venerdì 17 agosto 2012

Martux_M, Fabrizio Bosso, Francesco Bearzatti, Eivind aarset, Aldo Vigorito - About a silent way (2009)

01 Tune #  I
02 Tune # II
03 Tune # III
04 Tune # IV
05 Tune #  V
06 Tune # VI
07 Tune # VII

Registrato a Pomigliano d'Arco, Parco pubblico, il 10 luglio 2009

Download here

Ron Carter - Jazz in Sardegna (2007)

Payton Crossley, batteria
Rolando Morales-Matos, percussioni
Ron Carter, contrabbasso
Stephen Scott, pianoforte

01 Suite for four including 'Flamenco sketches'
02 My funny Valentine
03 Ending

Registrato a Cagliari, Fiera Internazionale della Sardegna, il 18.11.2007
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 29.9.2008

Download here

The Ripple Effect - Jazz in Sardegna (2007)

Jack DeJohnette, batteria;
Marlui Miranda, voce, percussioni;
John Surman, sassofoni;
Jerome Harris, basso elettrico, voce;
Ben Surman, campionatore

01 Hybrids suite
02 Folk song

Registrato a Cagliari, Fiera Internazionale della Sardegna, il 15.11.2007
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 16 settembre 2008

Download here

Double Image - Open hand (1994)

Dave Samuels, vibes, marimba
David Friedman, vibes, marimba

01 You stepped out of a dream
02 Open hand
03 A night in tunisa
04 Skating in central park
05 Oasis
06 New beginning
07 O grande amor

Try it here

Bjorn Klakegg - Gloria (1999)

Harald Skullerud, percussion
Bjorn Klakegg, guitars

1. Lyktemannen
2. Tageltimen
3. Introitus Gloria
4. Var engang
5. Mentanawi
6. Nattonske
7. Harolds snutt
8. Lys i loa
9. Bendiksteinen
10. Den vindstille dagen
11. Uten skygge
12. Exitus Ludwig
13. Charia

Tr it here

Circo Diatonico - Acrobazie (1998)

Con Ambrogio Sparagna, Andrea Pandolfo, Clara Graziano, Fabrizio Bono, Gerardo Bartoccini, Giordano Traglia, Giovanni Lo Cascio, Palmiro Del Brocco, Paolo Modugno, Rita Marcotulli, Rosario Liberti, Toni Germani, Valeria Bartoli

1. Marta... La Scimmia
2. Circo Invisibile
3. Gioco Dei Bottoni
4. Le Lune Di Odessa
5. Funambolo
6. Su Tre File
7. Senza Tempo
8. Nasi Rossi
9. Marcia Di Carovane
10. D'istinto
11. Tacabanda
12. Animali Circensi
13. Solo Poco Fa

Try it here

Nils Petter Molvaer - JazzBaltica (1998)

Nils Petter Molvaer - Trumpet
Eivind Aarset - Guitar
Audun Erlien - Bass

01 (Ansage)
02 Ligotage
03 Platonic Years
04 Tragamar
05 Khmer
06 Tlon

Jazz Baltica Bad Salzau Schloss Salzau (June 12, 1998)

Download here

Lyle Mays - Live in Montreal (1993)

Lyle Mays - piano
Bob Shepard - sxs
Marc Johnson - bass
Mark Walker - drums

01 Hard eights
02 Close to home
03 Either Ornette

Festival International de Jazz de Montreal Montreal, Quebec July 1993

Download here

giovedì 16 agosto 2012

Tito Schipa jr. - Dylaniato (1988)

Carlo Pennisi
Enrico Cosimi
Massimo Idà
Nicola Di Staso
Riccardo Mazzamauro
Roberto Righini
Tito Schipa Jr. 

01 Centoquindicesimo sogno di Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan's 115th dream)
02 Ti voglio (I want you)
03 Tu col tamburino (Mr.Tambourine man)
04 Appartiene a me (She belongs to me)
05 Lungo i merli di vedetta (All along the Watchtower)
06 Amore via zero-illimitato (Love minus zero / No limit)
07 Ragazza del nord (Girl from the North Country)
08 Signori della guerra (Masters of war)

Try it here

Enrico Pieranunzi - Radio Live (2001)

Enrico Pieranunzi, piano
Joey Baron, drums
Marc Johnson, bass
Rosario Giuliani, sax

01 How can you not?
02 Mare anteriore
03 If only for a time
04 Broken time
05 What's really going on
06 Evocant
07 Alle rive lontane
08 Ravel's walk
09 Many moons ago
10 New lands
11 From E To See

Download here

mercoledì 15 agosto 2012

Joe Lovano quartet - Umbria jazz 2004

Hank Jones, piano
George Mraz, bass
Dennis Mackrel, drums
Joe Lovano, sax

1. I waited for you (Fuller, Gillespie)
2. Little ruster over rock (Thad Jones)
3. Consumation (Hank Jones)
4. I'm all for you (Joe Lovano)
5. Untitled (Lovano, Jones, Mraz, Mackrel)
6. Stella by starlight (Washington, Young)
7. Monk's mood (Thelonious Monk)

Registrato al Teatro Morlacchi, Perugia il 16 luglio 2004. Trasmesso da Radio Tre Rai il 31 gennaio 2005

Download here

Maria Pia De Vito - Omaggio a Joni Mitchell (2006)

Maria Pia De Vito, voce
Danilo Rea, pianoforte
Enzo Pietropaoli, contrabbasso

01 Amelia
02 Harlem in Havana
03 Little blue birds
04 God must be a boogie man
05 Omaggio a Sauro Peducci
06 A case of you
07 All I want
08 Woodstock
09 Answer me my love
10 So right

Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 21 novembre 2006
Umbria Jazz 2006
Registrato a Perugia, Teatro Pavone, il 15 luglio 2006

Download here

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Gorizia jazz 2006

Roscoe Mitchell, sassofoni, flauti, percussioni;
Joseph Jarman, sassofoni, flauti, percussioni;
Corey Wilkes, tromba, flicorno;
Jaribu Shahid, contrabbasso, basso elettrico;
Famoudou Don Moye, batteria, percussioni

01 First improvisation
02 Second improvisation
03 Third improvisation
04 Fourth improvisation
05 Fifth improvisation
06 Sixth improvisation
07 Seventh improvisation
08 Eigth improvisation
09 Nineth improvisation
10 Odwalla theme

Registrato a Gorizia, Auditorium di Via Roma, il 26.3.2006
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre l'1.8.2006

Download here

Rypdal, Liebman, Weber, Stanko - New Jazz Festival Hamburg '75

Featuring Adam Makwicz, Badal Roy, Brynjulf Blix, Charlie Mariano, Czeslaw Bartkowski, Dave Liebman "Lookout Farm", Eberhard Weber "Colours", Frank Tusa, Jeff Williams, Jon Christensen, Rainer Brüninghaus, Richard Beirach, Svein Christiansen, Sveinung Hovensjo, Terje Rypdal "Odyssey", Tomasz Stanko, Torbjorn Sunde

01 Terje Rypdal 'Odissey' - Rolling Stone
02 Dave Liebman 'Lookout Farm' - The Iguana's Ritual
03 Eberhard Weber 'Colours' - Appellation
04 Tomasz Stanko 'Unit' - Green Sky

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Claudio Lolli - Un uomo in crisi: canzoni di morte, canzoni di vita (1973)



1. Io ti racconto
2. La guerra è finita
3. Morire di leva (a un amico siciliano)
4. Hai mai visto una città
5. Un uomo in crisi
6. Un uomo nascosto
7. Quello lì (compagno Gramsci)
8. La giacca
9. Un bel mattino

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Locurcio, Lolli, Dalla, Ron, De Sio - L'eliogabalo (1977)

Claudio Lolli (un dolce narratore)
Emilio Locurcio (un situazionista)
Lucio Dalla (un contadino ancora puro)
Rosalino Cellamare (uno studente medioborghese)
Teresa De Sio (una ragazza metropolitana)

1. Monologo d'apertura [Tutto quello che mi è stato tolto lo rivoglio]
2. La veglia [a) Autoritratto dentra stanze elettroniche; b) Giovanna Labbromorto]
3. Il viaggio [a) A scaldarci al vino dolce dei km; b) Dal finestrino del treno; c) La ferrovia celeste]
4. La visione [a) La primavera feroce; b) La scelta di essere veramente liberi; c) Eliogabalo imperatore; d) La gente in strada]
5. L'attesa [a) La morte di Eliogabalo; b) Avvertenze; c) Finalino per altri inizi]

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Claudio Lolli - Extranei (1980)

1. Come un dio americano
2. I musicisti
3. Double face
4. Il muto
5. Der blaue engel
6. La canzone del principe rospo
7. Non aprire mai
8. Il ponte

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Claudio Lolli - Antipatici antipodi (1983)

1. Antipatici antipodi C.Lolli
2. Notte americana C.Lolli
3. L'uomo a fumetti C.Lolli
4. Non voglio mettermi il pigiama C.Piersanti / C.Lolli
5. Torquato C.Lolli
6. Villleneuve C.Lolli
7. Formula uno R.Roversi / C.Lolli
8. Romantic ballad C.Lolli

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martedì 14 agosto 2012

Paul McCandless - All the mornings bring (1979)

Art Lande - Piano
David Samuels - Marimba, Percussion, vibraphone
David Tofani - Clarinet, Clarinet [Bass]
Eddie Gomez - Bass
Jennifer Sperry - English Horn, Oboe
John Trevor Clark, Peter Gordon - French Horn
Loren Glickman, Patricia Rogers - Bassoon
Paul McCandless - Oboe, clarinet, flute, English horn
Walter Kane - Clarinet

1. St. Philomene
2. Bowsprit
3. On, elf bird!
4. Slumber song
5. Palimsest
6. All the mornings bring
7. Saraband
8. Song for one
9. Moon and mind

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The very big Carla Bley band - Umbria jazz 2006

The very big Carla Bley band, featuring
Andy Sheppard, saxophones
Bill Drummond, drums
Carla Bley, piano
Christophe Panzani,
Earl Gardner,
Florian Esch,
Gary Valente,
Giampaolo Casati,
Gigi Grata,
Giuseppe Calamosca,
Julian Arguelles,
Karen Mantler, keyboards
Lew Soloff,
Richard Henry,
Roger Jannotta, flute
Steve Swallow, bass
Wolfgang Puschnig, saxophones

01 (Appearing nightly at) Black Orchid (Cocktail music) - part 1
02 (Appearing nightly at) Black Orchid (Cocktail music) - part 2
03 Greezy gravy (Food music for Orchestra Jazz della Sardegna)
04 Owful coffee (Food music for Orchestra Jazz della Sardegna)
05 Ouverture from 'Escalator over the hill'
06 Band introduction
07 Someone to watch (Tin Pan Alley)
08 Till you (Tin Pan Alley)
09 Tijuana Traffic (a terrible accident in Mexico)
10 Ending

Registrato a Perugia, Teatro Morlacchi, il 13 luglio 2006
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 31 ottobre 2006

Part one
Part two
Part three