martedì 21 agosto 2012

Jenny Scheinman & Bill Frisell, Live In Concert: Newport Jazz 2012

The violinist Jenny Scheinman and guitarist Bill Frisell have both developed reputations for flexibility — for being able to collaborate with any musicians from country rockers to straight-ahead swing barons. Appropriately, they've been working together in bands for quite a long time now, including in Frisell's John Lennon tribute earlier in the festival. This duo performance features the two alone together, working out stripped-down versions of Scheinman's fiddle tunes.
by Patrick Jarenwattananon

Jenny Scheinman, violin
Bill Frisell, guitar

1. Einsamaller
2. Sidiki / Jara Bi
3. Django's Castle
4. Rag
5. Thirteen Days
6. July 10th in 3/4
7. 413
8. Little Calypso
9. Sleeping in the Aquifer
10. That's Delight

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