venerdì 31 maggio 2013

Massimo Gatti - Frangenti (1990)

Massimo Gatti mandolino, bouzouki su «Lungo il ruscello di Tamlin», chitarra acustica su «Lungo il ruscello di Tamlin», «Echi d'autunno» e «Meridiani»
Alberto Barattini "new age" piano
Alberto Cesana chitarra acustica su «Promenade», «Ai confini di Valinor», «Volo notturno» e «Strada aperta»
Claudio Parravicini banjo a 5 corde
Dino Di Giacomo chitarra acustica su «Mandochet»
Duilio Galfetti violino e viola
Pino Perri dobro,
Riccardo Zappa chitarra 12 corde su «Lungo il ruscello di Tamlin» e «Echi d'autunno», chitarra classica in «Frangenti»
Rino Zurzolo contrabbasso

01 Promenade
02 Ai Confini Di Valinor
03 Lungo Il Ruscello Di Tamlin
04 Volo Notturno
05 Frangenti
06 Echi D'Autunno
07 Strada Aperta
08 Mandochet
09 Meridiani

CD out of print

martedì 28 maggio 2013

Enrico Rava quintet - Omaggio a Lucio Battisti (1999)

Stefano Bollani - piano
Enrico Rava - tromba
Roberto Cecchetto - chitarra elettrica
Enzo Pietropaoli - basso
Roberto Gatto - batteria

01 E penso a te
02 Amarsi un po'

Registrato al teatro Alighieri di Ravenna nel 1999

lunedì 27 maggio 2013

Pat Metheny Group - Live in Mesa (1982)

Pat Metheny - guitars, guitar synths
Lyle Mays - piano, synthesizers
Steve Rodby - bass
Danny Gottlieb - drums
Nana Vasconcelos- percussion, vocals

The Pat Metheny Group, which has always been a collaborative between the popular jazz guitarist and his keyboard player, Lyle Mays, enjoyed its most widespread commercial success during their early period, when this live recording was made in 1982. The group was firmly at the #1 spot on the jazz charts with Offramp, its third release on the German-based ECM Records. The record ended up being so popular that it even crossed over on to the Top 50 pop chart, and won Metheny his second Grammy for Best Jazz Fusion Recording.

His previous LP, American Garage, released in 1980, would firmly establish Metheny as a jazz crossover superstar, and allow him the popularity to elevate the group from traditional jazz clubs to small theaters and performing arts centers. Offramp climbed to an even wider mainstream appeal, clearly evident on this superb live recording. Sonically, the presentation is near flawless, with a crisp and well mixed distribution of the entire band. Since vocals are a rarity at Metheny shows, the engineer was able to focus on the musicianship that was continually blasting off to newer and more stratospheric heights.

Many of the best loved Metheny gems are here, and this show was the basis of a double live album (Travels), which was cut from his dates played this '82 tour and released the following year. Travels would also reach #1 on the jazz charts, but fail to make the same impact as the previous LPs on the crossover effect to the pop and adult charts.

The recording opens with "Phase Dance," one of the earliest of the Metheny / May songwriting collaborations. They next do a spectacular remake of Ornette Coleman's "Broadway Blues," before slowing down for "James," which Metheny says was written for and dedicated to singer/songwriter James Taylor. Most of the show is an on-going exercise in showcasing the magnificent players in the Metheny band. "Offramp," "Are You Going With Me?," "The Bat," and the various improvisational guitar, keyboard, and bass solos might get tedious if you're not a Metheny or jazz fan, but if you happen to be either one of those, they will be a welcomed part of the listening experience. The band closes with two great up-tempo Metheny classics: “(Cross The) Heartland," and the aforementioned, "American Garage."

01 Phase dance
02 Broadway blues
03 James
04 Offramp
05 It's for you
06 Are you going with me
07 The bat
08 Ozark
09 Guitar solo
10 Keyboard solo - Mars
11 Jaco
12 Song for Bilbao
13 (Cross the) Heartland


sabato 25 maggio 2013

David Crosby - The P.E.R.R.O. sessions (1971)

Grace Slick, Graham Nash, Jerry Garcia, Jorma Kaukonen, Mickey Hart, Neil Young, Phil Lesh, Planet Earth Rock'n'Roll Orchestra, Stephen Stills, David Crosby

Set 1
1. Jorma and Jerry's Jam - 1
2. dope rap w/piano
3. solo piano
4. Jam Slide

Set 2
1. Wooden Ships Jam
2. Walking In the Mountains
3. Is it Really Monday
4. Mountain Song #1
5. Loser #1, #2
6. Under Anesthesia (false start) - aka You Sit There
7. Under Anesthesia - aka You Sit There
8. Mountain Song #3
9. Wall Song #1
10. Over Jordan  - aka Wayfaring Stranger
11. Wild Turkey - aka Leather Winged Bat
12. Loser #3, #4
13. Epp Hour  aka Rounds
14. Wall Song #2
15. Mountain Song #4
16. Tamalpais High (at about 3) aka Kids and Dogs

PERRO 2  - Part of the PERRO tapes.
Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra
Wally  Heider's studio
San Francisco, CA
Recorded 11/4/70 - 1/14/71


venerdì 24 maggio 2013

Maria Pia De Vito & Huw Warren feat. Ralph Towner - 'O pata pata (2011)

Maria Pia De Vito (voce, live electronics)
Huw Warren (pianoforte, piano preparato)
Ralph Towner (chitarra in 3, 4 e 9).

1. Strummolo e tiriteppola (Warren-De Vito) - 5:04
2. G Continuo (R. Marcotulli) - 4:12
3. ‘A sposa riluttante (Towner-De Vito) - 3:36
4. Vucella (Soares Wisnik-De Vito) - 4:47
5. Frevo em Maceio / Joker (H. Pascoal / B. Zulfikarpasic) - 7:05
6. Curre Maria (Buarque De Hollanda-De Moraes-Jobim) - 5:46
7. Bello tiempo antico (De Vito) - 2:29
8. Si fosse fatto foco (Warren-De Vito) - 5:04
9. ‘O pata pata (trad. - De Vito) - 4:21
10. Curiosity Threatens (Warren) - 7:07
11. La nova gelosia (trad.) - 4:36
12. Um a zero (Nelson-Lacerda-Da Rocha Vianna Junior) - 2:07.

Hard to find. Flacced here

mercoledì 22 maggio 2013

Aldo Navazio & Franco Azzarelli - Itaberà (1992)

Aldo Navazio, chitarra acustica, basso
Franco Azzarelli, chitarra acustica
Candelo Cabezas, percussioni
Massimo Gatti, mandolino, mandola, mandoloncello
Riccardo Zappa, chitarra acustica in 03

01 Capo mimosa
02 Itaberà
03 Milano per sempre
04 Chiavistello
05 Lady Dillon
06 Lamu
07 The assassination of Riccardo Zappa
08 Graticelle
09 Santacruz (solo)
10 Building the barn (tema dal film 'Il testimone')
11 Santacruz
12 Terra ferax
13 Colonel O'Hara
14 Acquario
15 Archetipo
16 Boulevard

CD out of print. Degradated here

martedì 21 maggio 2013

Crosby, Nash & Young - Live at Winterland (San Francisco, CA) March 26, 1972

By early 1972, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young were enjoying massive success, both as a group with tremendous album sales, and as a touring band in high demand. Individually, they had recently recorded career-defining solo albums, but had not toured together in well over a year, which heightened the frenzy for any public appearance.

This Sheriff's Benefit concert to help raise awareness of prisoner issues featured local groups Earth Rise and Stoneground opening for Elvin Bishop and headliners Crosby-Nash, who had recently recorded their first self-titled duo album. Neil Young was a very welcome surprise guest during the Crosby-Nash set. He had also been off the road, recording the now legendary Harvest album; the most popular and commercially successful of his entire career. To say the three of them together was a momentous occasion in March of 1972 is not overstating it, as these guys were at the peak of their popularity. They were international superstars and the press was touting them as everything from "the second coming" to "the new Beatles."

Unlike later Crosby-Nash performances, when they had a full band supporting them, this is a very relaxed, totally acoustic affair. A few CSNY favorites, such as the set opener, "Wooden Ships," and two tracks from Déjà vu, Nash's "Teach Your Children" and Crosby's "Almost Cut My Hair" (a rarity in acoustic form) are featured, but the set primarily focuses on newer material from their solo albums.

This was a particularly prolific era for Graham Nash, who had released some of his most memorable songs over the previous two years. From his excellent Songs For Beginners LP are the politically charged "Military Madness" and "Chicago," in addition to "I Used To Be A King," one of his most beautiful songs (which featured backing by the Grateful Dead on the album version.) Three of his best songs from the debut Crosby-Nash album are also included; "Southbound Train," "And So It Goes" and "Immigration Man." Crosby's acoustic guitar playing and harmony vocals greatly enhance much of Nash's material. In addition to the aforementioned Crosby numbers, the pair performs a lovely acoustic rendition of "All Along The Lee Shore" and Crosby debut's "Page 43.”

As one might expect, the crowd is very appreciative when they invite Neil Young to the stage, who begins with the title track from Harvest, followed by a lovely version of "Only Love Can Break Your Heart." When he returns later in the set, two more classic Harvest tracks are performed; "Old Man" and "The Needle And The Damage Done," and he remains for the rest of the killer set.

David Crosby - guitar, vocals
Graham Nash - guitar, piano, vocals
Neil Young - guitar, piano, vocals

01 Wooden ships
02 I used to be a king
03 All along the Lee shore
04 Harvest
05 Only love can break your heart
06 Southbound train
07 Almost cut my hair
08 Page 43
09 And so it goes
10 Immigration man
11 Heart of gold
12 The needle and the damage done
13 Teach your children
14 Military madness
15 Chicago


lunedì 20 maggio 2013

Rino Zurzolo - Fuorlovado (1990)

A. Cino* (tracks: 11) - clarinetto
A. Grima* (tracks: 11), M. Tannoja* (tracks: 11) - violoncello
A. Oliviero* (tracks: 11), A. Intartaglia* (tracks: 11), E. Bogers* (tracks: 11), G. Morrone* (tracks: 11), G. Grima* (tracks: 11), L. Grima* (tracks: 11), M. D'Alessio* (tracks: 11), R. Bertucci* (tracks: 11), S. Napolitano* (tracks: 11) - violino
F. Milone* (tracks: 11), G. Morrone* (tracks: 11) - viola
Federico Senesi - tabla
L. Nini* (tracks: 11) - clarinetto basso
M. De Angelis* (tracks: 11), R. Giangrande* (tracks: 11) - contrabbasso
M. Marino* (tracks: 11) - oboe
M. Panella* (tracks: 11) - corno
Marco Zurzolo - sax soprano
Massimo Gatti - mandolino
Paolo Raffone (tracks: 11) - direzione d'orchestra
Peppe Sannino - percussioni
Riccardo Zappa - chitarre 6 & 12 corde, produzione
Rino Zurzolo - contrabbasso, basso elettrico 6 corde & fretless
Valentina Crimaldi - flauto, flauto in sol, ottavino

01 Profondi Azzurri
02 Vicaria
03 Megale Hellas
04 Cantico
05 Grani Di Tempo
06 Fuorlovado
07 Preludio
08 Refluus
09 Egeo
10 Babel-Babel
11 Rifrangenze

CD out of print. Degradated here

sabato 18 maggio 2013

Giovanni Guidi On the Brinks Trio - By this river (2013)

Giovanni Guidi, pianoforte
Francesco Ponticelli, contrabbasso
Enrico Morello, batteria

01 Medley (Indian summer - Leonie - Qui sas Qui sas Qui sas)
02 The house behind this one
03 Improvisation
04 Disturbing the peace
05 Three little children
06 By this river
07 Bis

Trasmesso in In diretta dalla Cappella Paolina del Palazzo del Quirinale in Roma domenica 12 maggio 2013 11.50

venerdì 17 maggio 2013

Enrico Rava & Orchestra del Teatro Regio di Torino - Rava on the road (2013)

Enrico Rava, tromba;
Roberto Cecchetto, chitarra;
Giovanni Guidi, pianoforte;
Stefano Senni, contrabbasso;
Zeno De Rossi, batteria;
Paolo Silvestri, direttore
Orchestra del Teatro Regio di Torino

01 Rava on the road I
02 Rava on the road II
03 Rava on the road III
04 Rava on the road IV
05 Rava on the road V
06 Rava on the road VI
07 Rava on the road VII
08 Rava on the road VIII

Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre venerdì 26 aprile 2013 21.00 in diretta da Piazza Castello, Torino, in occasione del Torino Jazz Festival

mercoledì 15 maggio 2013

Gary Burton quintet - Reggio Emilia Jazz Festival (1986)

Makoto Ozone, piano
Martin Richards, drums
Steve Swallow, bass
Tommy Smith, saxophones
Gary Burton, vibraharp

01 Eiderdown (Steve Swallow)
02 Soulful Bill (James Williams)
03 Yellow fever (Makoto Ozone)
04 Brasilia (Chick Corea)
05 Tierra del fuego (Jim Odgren)
06 Bud Powell (Chick Corea)
07 Ladies in Mercedes (Steve Swallow)
08 Fleurette africaine aka African flower (Duke Ellington)
09 Peyton's revenge (Makoto Ozone)
10 Ally the wallygator (Tommy Smith)

Recorded live in Reggio Emilia (Italy) on April 5, 1986
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 9 luglio 1986


martedì 14 maggio 2013

Bill Frisell's Beautiful Dreamers Live in Sweden (2010)

Bill Frisell - guitar
Eyvind Kang - viola
Rudy Royston - drums

01 Blessing In Disguise
02 Beautiful dreamer
03 I've forgotten the name of this song
04 Winslow Homer
05 Marker 4
06 Marker 5
07 Marker 6
08 Tea For Two

Live at “Nefertiti”, Gothenburg, Sweden, July 6, 2010

lunedì 13 maggio 2013

David Liebman Trio + One (1988)

Dave Holland, bass
Jack DeJohnette, drums
Caris Wisentin, oboe
David Liebman, saxophones

01 All The Things That...
02 In The Mean Time
03 Return To Napanoch
04 It's Different Out There
05 Master Of The Obvious
06 Romp
07 While We're On The Subject
08 Burst
09 Ode For Leo (Prelude)
10 Gazelle

Vinyl out of print
Ripped here

giovedì 9 maggio 2013

Giovanni Guidi trio - Live in Switzerland (2013)

Giovanni Guidi (piano)
Thomas Morgan  (double bass)
Joao Lobo (drums)

01 The Way Some People Live
02 Fernando
03 Keith Jarrett tune perhaps
04 Late Blue
05 Announcement
06 The Forbidden Zone - No Other Possibility
07 By This River
08 Just One More Time
09 Leonie

Giovanni Guidi Late Blue Trio - Switzerland -11th March 2013
Studio 2 Della RSI, Lugano-Besso, Switzerland


mercoledì 8 maggio 2013

Oregon - 45th parallel (1989)

Glen Moore, bass
Paul McCandless, reeds
Ralph Towner, piano, guitars, synth
Trilok Gurtu, tabla, percussion, drum set

01 Pageant
02 Hand in Hand
03 King Font
04 Riding on the D train
05 Beneath an Evening Sky
06 Chihuahua Dreams
07 Urumchi
08 Les douzilles
09 Bombay Vice
10 Pageant (Epilogue)

Degradated here

giovedì 2 maggio 2013

John Abercrombie Quartet - Abercrombie Quartet (1980)

John Abercrombie guitar, mandolin guitar
Richard Beirach piano
George Mraz bass
Peter Donald drums

1. Blue wolf (Abercrombie)
2. Dear rain (Abercrombie)
3. Stray (Beirach)
4. Madagascar (Beirach)
5. Riddles (Beirach)
6. Foolish dog (Abercrombie)

Recorded November 1979
1980, ECM 1164

Currently not available
Degradated here