domenica 27 luglio 2014

Ecm all stars - Night at the Village Gate. Live January 19, 1976

01 Les Davis - Introduction of Ralph Towner
02 Ralph Towner - Nardis
03 Ralph Towner - 1 x 6
04 Les Davis - Departure of Ralph Towner and introduction of Steve Kuhn
05 Steve Kuhn - Untitled
06 Steve Kuhn - Life's Backward Glance
07 Steve Kuhn - Trance
08 Steve Kuhn - Tribute to 1986
09 John Abercrombie & Ralph Towner - Intro
10 John Abercrombie & Ralph Towner - Avenue
11 Collin Walcott - Intro
12 John Abercrombie, Ralph Towner, Collin Walcott - Timeless
13 Les Davis - Departure of Ralph Towner, entry of Dave Holland
14 Collin Walcott, John Abercrombie, Dave Holland - Night Glider
15 Collin Walcott, John Abercrombie, Dave Holland - Margueritte
16 Gateway - May Dance
17 Gateway - Back woods song

Recording & artwork by professor Chris


sabato 26 luglio 2014

Charlie Haden - Monte Carlo (2002)

Charlie Haden - bass
Gonzalo Rubalcaba - piano
David Sanchez - tenor sax
Federico Britos Ruiz - violin
Ignacio Berroa - drums

01 En la Orilla del Mundo (At the Edge of the World)
02 Nightfall
03 Moonlight
04 Transparence
05 El Ciego (The Blind)
06 Contigo en la Distancia / En Nosotros (With You in the DistanceIn Us)

Montreux Jazz Festival, Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo, Grimaldi Forum, Monte-Carlo (Monaco), Saturday 20 April 2002

mercoledì 23 luglio 2014

Jens Lekman - At the Department of Forgotten Songs (2005)

I recently found thelast copy of this bizarre EP. I guess the artwork was more interesting than the music but this song is kinda nice. an exception from the other instrumental tracks. some of the lyrics later resurfaced in "Rocky Dennis Farewellsong". 18 (sketch for unfinished song) i met a girl when i was in Prague and i wanted to see her again but she never called me. so i thought since my songs were played all the time on radio i'd write a song about her and make it a hit so it'd be played every day. that way she would probably hear it and know how i felt about her. but then i found out she had a boyfriend so i never finished the song. 19 (orchestral version) (album outtake) i was working on this a long time for the album but eventually just invited a friend over , opened the windows and sang it acapella. i just never got it right and it would've cost us a fortune to clear the samples. i would've had to sell my little sister to medical experiments

01 Past, present and future
02 Are birthday happy
03 F-word
04 Boisa-bis o-boisa
05 Rec (at Saltholmen)
06 Do impossible things
07 Draw a dinosaur for me
08 Be good
09 I'm looking for a girl
10 Do you remember the riots
11 The wrong hands
12 At the department of the forgotten songs
13 Pretty shoes
14 Procket full of money


martedì 22 luglio 2014

Rita Marcotulli - Koinè all'Ambra (2003)

Anders Jormin, bass
Andy Sheppard, sax
Anja Garbarek, vocals
Arto Tunçboyaciyan, percussion
Gianmaria Testa, guitars, vocals
Metaxu (Maurizio Martusciello), sound design
Philippe Garcia, drums effects
Rita Marcotulli, piano

1. G. continuo
2. Arto's iterlude
3. Koinè
4. Just feel
5. Big mouth (Anja Garbarek)
6. Sixth
7. E per non fare la fine di quella talpa
8. Numeri (Gianmaria Testa)
9. Afromenia
10. Fuori dal tempo
11. Drum solo
12. Il richiamo - prima parte
13. Il richiamo - seconda parte
14. Biancaluna (Gianmaria Testa)
15. Ambra
16. Gli amanti di Roma (Gianmaria Testa)

Trasmesso in diretta dal Teatro Ambra Jovinelli di Roma il 3.2.2003

lunedì 21 luglio 2014

Anouar Brahem / John Surman / Dave Holland - Live in Duisburg (2000)

Anouar Brahem - Oud
John Surman - Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone
Dave Holland - Double Bass

01 Claquent Les Voiles
02 Kashf
03 Telwin
04 Mazad

Salvator Kirche, Duisburg, Germany march 19, 2000
Artwork by Mel

sabato 19 luglio 2014

Josh Rouse - White sessions (2005)

1. My love has gone & life
2. Winter in the hamptons
3. Streetlights
4. It's the nighttime
5. Middle school frown
6. Sad eyes
7. For the turnstiles (Neil Young)

DL here

venerdì 18 luglio 2014

Come fare per vedere i link apparentemente inesistenti (non visibili dall'Italia)

Continuate a scrivermi in molti, avvertendomi che i link di DL sono inesistenti. Questo è vero solo per Rapidshare. Per il resto, basta cambiare i DNS e impostare quelli di Google. Qui sopra avete un tutorial. Se non basta, potete cercare altro in rete: è facile.

giovedì 17 luglio 2014

The Ed Palermo Big Band - Eddy loves Frank (2009)

Ed Palermo: leader, arranger, alto sax
Paul Adamy: electric bass
Ray Marchica: drums
Bob Quaranta: acoustic piano
Ted Kooshian: Kurzweil
Bruce McDaniel: guitar, vocals
Cliff Lyons: lead alto sax, clarinet
Phil Chester: second alto sax, flute, piccolo, soprano sax
Bill Straub: lead tenor sax, clarinet
Ben Kono: second tenor sax, flute, oboe
Barbara Cifelli: baritone sax, Eb mutant clarinet, bass clarinet
Charles Gordon: lead trombone
Joe Fiedler: second trombone
Matt Ingman: bass trombone
Ronnie Buttacavoli: lead trumpet
John Hines: second trumpet
Steve Jankowski: third trumpet
John Palermo: mandolin (2, 3, 6), guitar (8)
Veronica Martell: vocals (8)
Rob Paparozzi: bass harmonica (7).

01 Night school
02 Echidna's Art (of you)
03 Regyptian strut
04 Don't you ever wash that thing
05 Dupree's paradise
06 What's new in Baltimore
07 Let's move to Cleveland
08 America the beautiful

Hard to find
DL here