giovedì 14 settembre 2017

Jan Garbarek Group - Live in Norway (2017)

Jan Garbarek (Saxophon)
Rainer Brüninghaus (Piano)
Yuri Daniel (Bass)
Trilok Gurtu (Percussion)

01 Molde Canticle Part I
02 Molde Canticle Part II
03 Buena Hora, Buenos Vientos
04 Molde Canticle Part IV
05 Medieval
06 Bass Solo
07 Gula Gula
08 Free piece
09 Untitled
10 Encore

Live at Tromø Jazz Festival, Tromsø Cultural Centre, Norway, August 13, 2017
Thanks to livejazzlounge

martedì 12 settembre 2017

Sabina Meyer / Elio Martusciello / Daniele Roccato / Michele Rabbia - Area sismica (2016)

voce Sabina Meyer
elettronica Elio Martusciello
contrabbasso Daniele Roccato
percussioni Michele Rabbia

01 Free piece #1
02 Free piece #2
03 Free piece #3
04 Free piece #4
05 Free piece #5
06 Free piece #6
07 Free piece #7

Registrato il 19 novembre 2016. Ravaldino in Monte, Area Sismica
Trasmesso Sabato 05 Agosto 2017 ore 22.30


domenica 10 settembre 2017

Oregon - Live in Illinois (1982)

Ralph Towner: acoustic & classical guitars, piano, synthesizer
Paul McCandless: reeds & wind instruments
Collin Walcott: percussion & sitar
Glen Moore: double bass

01 Beside A Brook
02 Travel By Night
03 Free Piece
04 Yet To Be

Live at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, November 3 1982
Special thanks to livejazzlounge


venerdì 1 settembre 2017

Stephan Micus - Live (2016)

Stephan Micus: resonating stones, tin whistle, voice, bavarian zither, duduk, kalimba, nohkan, japanese zither, shakuhachi, sho, hammered dulcimer

01 The music of stones part 3
02 I praise you, Unfading Rose
03 Before sunrise
04 Morning breeze
05 Winter dance
06 I praise you, cloud of light
07 Mikhail's Dream
08 Improvisation
09 Marage song

reg. 9 ottobre 2016 - Ligornetto, Museo Vela
Trasmesso il 20 agosto 2017 da RSi Rete Due


lunedì 31 luglio 2017

Bill Frisell Trio - Live in Buenos Aires (2017)

Bill Frisell: guitar
Tony Scherr: bass guitar
Kenny Wollesen: drums

01 In My Life
02 Whistle Stop
03 Bumpin' In Sunset
04 What The World Needs Now Is Love
05 Strawberry Fields Forever
06 Baba Drame
07 Pipeline
08 I Can't Be Satisfied

Live in Buenos Aires, February 9, 2017
Special thanks to
Artwork & photo cover by Barabbovich


domenica 23 luglio 2017

Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet - DevilDavis. Omaggio a Miles Davis (2011)

tromba, flicorno, effetti, Paolo Fresu
chitarra elettrica, Bebo Ferra
contrabbasso, Paolino Dalla Porta
batteria, Stefano Bagnoli

1. In a silent way / Half Nelson
2. My man's gone now
3. About Miles I
4. You must believe in spring
5. If I were a bell
6. Filles de Kilimanjaro
7. Ascenseur pour l'echafaud
8. Gingerbread boy
9. I thought about you
10. Decoy
11. About Miles II
12. Summertime

Trasmesso in diretta dal Teatro Ariosto di Reggio Emilia il 7 ottobre 2011

giovedì 20 luglio 2017

Carla Bley Turin Project Big Band - Live in Turin (2012)

Carla Bley, pianoforte, leader
Steve Swallow, basso
Andy Sheppard, sax tenore
Claudio Chiara, sax alto
Valerio Signetto, sax alto
Fulvio Albano, sax tenore
Helga Plankensteiner, sax baritono
Beppe Calamosca, trombone
Gigi Grata, trombone
Dino Piana, trombone
Gianfranco Marchesi, trombone basso
Nemanja Jovanovic, tromba
Luca Calabrese, tromba
Vito Giordano, tromba
Giampaolo Casati, tromba
Adam Pache, batteria
Alberto Gurrisi, organo hammond

01 The Turin suite, pt I
02 The Turin suite, pt II
03 The Turin suite, pt III
04 The Turin suite, pt IV
05 The Turin suite, pt V
06 The Turin suite, pt VI
07 The Turin suite, pt VII

Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre in diretta da Piazza Castello in Torino

mercoledì 19 luglio 2017

Arve Henriksen meets Bill Frisell - Live at Moers 2010

Norway’s current high profile status in jazz continued with one of the most important shows of the festival, when Arve (Henriksen) met Bill (Frisell). Their maiden collaborative voyage was long in the planning, dating back to Henriksen’s expressed desire to work with the guitarist. As heard in a pleasingly rambling, spontaneously venturing set, they seem like kindred spirits, lyrical players with experimentalist proclivities and instantly identifiable sounds on their instruments. One strange, seemingly out-of-character moment came when Henriksen inducted the crowd into a singalong, but otherwise, the pairing felt heaven sent and destined for future doings.

As usual, Frisell—also here with his new trio with violinist Eyvind Kang and drummer-deserving-great-recognition Rudy Royston showed his uncanny penchant for mixing high, deep art and comfort food. He played an encore of “Sunny Side of Life” with the trio and, with Henriksen, an encore of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now,” duly Frisell-ified.

The idea of forming a duo with Bill Frisell stems from the time when Arve Henriksen was Artist in Residence here in 2006. Now, four years later, the encounter between one of Europe's greatest improvisers and one of North America's greatest improvisers has finally been made possible. Henriksen claims that Frisell is the musician who has had the greatest influence on him. What the two have in common is the fact that neither of them are jazz musicians in the strict sense, but folk musicians in the best sense.

Arve Henriksen - trumpet, electronics, vocal
Bill Frisell - guitar

01 Fields of Moers # 1
02 Fields of Moers # 2
03 Fields of Moers # 3
04 Both Sides Now

recorded live at moers festival, Moers/ Germany, May 23, 2010