sabato 6 gennaio 2018

Norma Winstone with Ralph Towner - Boundless (2017)

Norma Winstone: voice
Ralph Towner: guitar
Glauco Venier: piano
Klaus Gesing: saxophone, clarinet

01 Cucurucucu Paloma
02 A Breadth Away
03 Always By Your Side
04 Pilgrim
05 San Diego Serenade - Lipe Rosize
06 Summer's End
07 Celeste
08 Everybody's song but my own

Live at Murnau “Boundless” Festival, Germany, October 15, 2017

4 commenti:

  1. Happy New Year, thank you for the new music and all your work!

  2. Happy new year Barabbovich, and many thanks for the continued posts from great ECM artists (and others)!

  3. Beautiful vocalist, sympathetic band.Thanks a lot.

  4. Very great, many thanks Brothers!