sabato 29 settembre 2012

Tord Gustavsen trio - Live in Canada (2006)

Harald Johnsen, bass
Jarle Vespestad, drums
Tord Gustavsen, piano

01 Deep as Love
02 Graceful Touch
03 Song of Yearning
04 Melted Matter
05 Colours of Mercy
06 Being There

Recorded Live 27 June 2006, Montréal Festival de Jazz, Montreal, Canada


venerdì 28 settembre 2012

Jan Garbarek, Ralph Towner, John Abercrombie, Nana Vasconcelos - Live in Hamburg (1978)

Jan Garbarek - saxophones
John Abercrombie - electric guitar
Nana Vasconcelos - drums, percussion
Ralph Towner - acoustic & classical guitars

01 Spanish Samba
02 Timeless
03 Viddene
04 Nimbus
05 Krusning
06 Waterwheel
07 Backward Glance - Entering - Telegram Part 1
08 Backward Glance - Entering - Telegram Part 2
09 Backward Glance - Entering - Telegram Part 3
10 Backward Glance - Entering - Telegram Part 4

NDR Jazz Workshop n. 134, Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg, april 11, 1978

giovedì 27 settembre 2012

Ketil Bjørnstad - Live in Frankfurt (1998)

David Darling - cello
Jon Christensen - drums
Ketil Bjornstad - piano
Terje Rypdal - guitars

01 The sea live part 1
02 The sea live part 2
03 The sea live part 3
04 The river VI
05 The sea live part 5

Jazzfest, Frankfurt, Germany, 1998-09-11

Photo cover by Microby


Ralph Towner & John Abercrombie - Duo concert (1984)

Ralph Towner - classical, acoustic guitars
John Abercrombie - electric guitars

01 Bumambia
02 The Juggler's Etude
03 Beneath An Evening Sky
04 Half Past Two
05 Late Night Passenger / The donkey jamboree
06 Timeless
07 Waterwheel

Live in Hamburg, Germany: NDR Funkhaus 5/8/84


mercoledì 26 settembre 2012

Dave Holland Quintet - Live in France (2009)

Dave Holland - Double Bass
Robin Eubanks - Trombone
Steve Nelson - Vibraphone
Chris Potter - Sax tenor
Nate Smith - Drums

Step to It
Last Minute Man
How's Never
Secret Garden
Prime Directive
Easy Did It

Performance at the festival Jazz Festival Jazz Sous les Pommiers France in May 2009


martedì 25 settembre 2012

Foday Musa Suso, Pharoah Sanders, Eberhard Weber - Earth Song (1997)

Pharoah Sanders, tenor sax, vocals
Foday Musa Suso, kora, vocals
Eberhard Weber, bass

1 Spring Waterfall, Pt. I (FMS,comp) 15:31
2 Spring Waterfall, Pt. II (FMS,comp) 25:45
3 Title (FMS,comp) (fade-in) 6:30
4 Kumba (PhS,FMS,comp) 6:13      

1997-June-08 Frankfurt, Hessischer Rundfunk, Sendesaal, 28. Deutsches Jazzfestival 1997.
Photo cover by Microby. 


The Edge featuring Michael Brook - Captive (1986)

The Edge and Michael Brook – all instruments except:

Lesley Bishop – French horn on "Rowena's Theme"
Larry Mullen Jr – drums on "Heroine"
Sinéad O'Connor – vocals on "Heroine"
Steve Lillywhite – remix of "Heroine"

1. Rowena's Theme
2. Heroine
3. One Foot In Heaven
4. The strange party
5. Hiro's theme
6. Drift
7. The dream theme
8. Djinn
9. Island
10. Hiro's Theme (reprise)


lunedì 24 settembre 2012

As Long As You're Living Yours - The Music of Keith Jarrett (tribute, 2000)

featuring Adam Nussbaum, Andy Summers, Bob Gullotti, Bob James, Bruce Hornsby, Chucho Valdez, Clarence Johnson III, Cornelius Dufallo, Craig Klein, D.D. Jackson, Darrett Adkins, Dennis Irwin, Denny Zeitlin, Don Byron, Drew Gress, Eddie Bobè, Edgardo Miranda, Flux Quartet:, George Garzone, Jason Marsalis, Jay Rodriguez, Jimmy Green, Joe Lovano, Joel Taylor, John Novello, John Scofield, Kenji Bunch, Lord Jamar, Massimo Biolcati, Matt Perrine, Mike Mainieri, Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, Nueva Rumba:, Ralph Peterson, Reginald Houston, Theodore "Bo" Dollis, Tin Green, Tom Chiu, Tom Harrell, Tony Batista

01 Backhand - Bruce Hornsby
02 U Dance - Chucho Valdes
03 Coral - John Scofield
04 Innocence - George Garzone
05 Book Of Ways #9 - Nadja Solerno-Sonnenberg & Bob James
06 So Tender - Nueva Rumba
07 Stabright - Mike Mainieri
08 Book Of Ways #10 - Flux Quartet
09 Cure, The - Jimmy Greene Lord Jamar
10 Shades Of Jazz - Joe Lovano & Tom Harrell
11 Somewhere Before - Don Byron & Drew Gress
12 Prism - Andy Summers
13 Everything That Lives Laments - D.D. Jackson
14 Dancing - Denny Zeitlin


Roberto Cecchetto & Giovanni Maier - Slow mood (2003)

Roberto Cecchetto guitars
Giovanni Maier bass

1. Slow Mood
2. Wordth Of The Forth
3. Awake
4. Friederich
5. Hidden Colours
6. Ballad
7. Mouse's Dance
8. Fagiani
9. Oops
10. Rabbiosauro
11. Giochi Allo Specchio
12. Last Year

Part 1
Part 2

sabato 22 settembre 2012

Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy - Live in Bremen (1986)

When it comes to jazz covers, those who are familiar with Bill Evans would have no problem acknowledging the creativity the pianist brought to familiar tunes such as Autumn Leaves and the theme from MASH, Suicide Is Painless.

But for many jazz listeners, the same cannot be said of trumpeter Lester Bowie. In his later years, many felt that Bowie threw away his talents when he went the “pop” route. That is a very harsh judgement to make considering that Bowie never totally went the drive-time route. While generally easy on the ears (with the Brass Fantasy coming across more like a Broadway band), Bowie was not soft or easy on the music.

I Only Have Eyes For You remains a modern-day Bowie classic. Listening to it, the song does not offer any cathartic release. Instead, it just builds and builds. And who would think of giving The Four Seasons’ Oh, What A Night such a fanciful spin that even Frankie Valli might be stumped for a moment And when Bowie covered Thriller, was it a tip of the hat to Miles

In 1984, the co-founder of the Art Ensemble Of Chicago formed Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy and the following year released I Only Have Eyes For You on the off-mainstream ECM label. And for the audience at this Bremen 1986 show, it must have been a treat as Bowie previewed four tracks from the Avant Pop album, which would be released in March - Blueberry Hill, Crazy, Macho and Oh, What A Night.

And Bowie probably had a fine sense of humour, or a sense of irony, when he closed the set coming across like a New Orleans swing band - probably as trad as he could get - on Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen. Bowie died of liver cancer in 1999.

01 When The Spirit Returns
02 Crazy
03 Think
04 Macho
05 I Only Have Eyes For You
06 Oh, What A Night
07 We Bop
08 Zero
09 Thriller
10 Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen

Live in Bremen, February 20, 1986. Very good FM broadcast.


Daniele Sepe & Rote Jazz Fraktion - Materadio (2012)

In realtà molto di più di un semplice album, Canzoniere Illustrato è un volume contenente 12 fumetti per 12 canzoni. Fumetti realizzati da geniali maestri del colore ed arricchito da una splendida copertina del grande Altan. La musica prevede un menu internazionale di canzoni provenienti da tutto il mondo e dal folklore italiano, orchestrate nei più diversi stili, come ci ha ormai abituato Daniele Sepe, con la partecipazione di bellissime voci e di una nutritissima schiera di fantastici musicisti.

Daniele Sepe, sax
Floriana Cangiano, voce e percussioni
Franco Giacoia, chitarra elettrica
Tommy De Paola, tastiere
Davide Costagliola, basso elettrico
Daniele Chiantese, batteria

01 Introduzione con Michele Dall'Ongaro e Daniele Sepe
02 Padrone mio
03 Bammenella 'e copp' 'e quartieri
04 Canto dei filangieri
05 Menina Estas A Janela
06 Tra prima e seconda parte
07 Rebetiko
08 Luglio, Agosto, Settembre nero
09 Ajde Jano
10 Un'altra via d'uscita including 'Black market'
11 Intermezzo con Michele Dall'Ongaro e Daniele Sepe
12 Ballata per Franco Serrantini

Trasmesso in diretta da Rai Radio Tre da Piazza San Giovanni, Matera, il 21 settembre 2012 (h. 22.30)


giovedì 20 settembre 2012

Leonard Cohen - First we take L.A. (1993)

featuring Bill Ginn, Bob Furgo, Bob Metzger, Jorge Calderon, Julie Christensen, Leonard Cohen, Paul Ostermayer, Perla Batalla, Steve Meador

01 First We Take Manhattan
02 Ain't No Cure For Love
03 Coming BackTo You
04 Dance Me To The End Of Love
05 Democracy
06 Waiting For The Miracle
07 The Future
08 I'm Your Man
09 Bird On A Wire
10 Everybody Knows
11 Avalanche
12 Suzanne
13 Tower Of Song
14 I Can't Forget

Recorded live in Los Angeles, California, on July 3, 1993

martedì 18 settembre 2012

James Taylor - Live in Chicago (2002)

James Taylor (vocals, guitar)
Lou Marini (trombone)
Michael Landau (guitars)
Steve Gadd (drums).

1. Fourth of July
2. Whenever you're ready
3. Raised up family
4. Mexico
5. Streamroller blues
6. Carolina in my mind
7. Fire and rain
8. You've got a friend
9. Your smiling face
10. How sweet it is
11. Traffic jam
12. Knock on wood

Registrato dal vivo a Chicago il 12 agosto 2002.
Trasmesso da RadioDue Rai il 12 ottobre 2002.


Tok - Paradox (1979)

Takashi Kako, piano
Kent Carter, bass
Oliver Johnson, drums

1. Paradox
2. Night music
3. Dodéc
4. A Lua De Portugal
5. Sekitei
6. Wobbly walk parade


Steve Weisberg - I can't stand another night alone (in bed with you) (1986)

Lew Soloff trumpet
Baikida Carroll trumpet
Gary Valente trombone
John Clark French horn
Wolfgang Puschnig alto saxophone, flute
Howard Johnson baritone saxophone, contra bass clarinet, tuba
Hiram Bullock guitar
Steve Weisberg piano, synthesizer, organ
Steve Swallow drums
Victor Lewis drums
Anton Fier drum

1. I can't stand another night alone (in bed with you)
2. Table for one
3. Walking home alone
4. Waking up alone
5. Trapped in true love
6. You can't have anything


lunedì 17 settembre 2012

John Surman quartet - Bergamo Jazz 2002

Chris Laurence, bass
John Marshall, drums
John Taylor, piano
John Surman, saxophones, abss clarinet

1. First tune (14:28)
2. Line one - Part two (11:53)
3. Three four (11:02)
4. Quartet four (8:23)


Gary Burton quartet - Live in New York (1978)

This show was recorded at New York’s Bottom Line in 1977, the first of two shows captured for a radio concert series promoting the club. Although it is heavy with excellent solos from vibraphonist Gary Burton and his acclaimed jazz quartet, it is a good example of why many jazz musicians can work together on and off for years with hardly a whisper of the drama and conflict that many rock musicians display.

Never one to be the star, Burton has always let his other three bandmates tackle extensive solos, and these Bottom Line shows are no exception. Gary Burton for years has divided his professional music career with his appointment as a music professor for the acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston. He is a self-taught vibraphonist, (heavily inspired by the late Lionel Hampton), who has performed not only jazz, but rock and country as well. In addition to leading his own quartet and recording many historic duets (including collaborations with Chick Corea and Larry Coryell), Burton has been an iconic figure on the international jazz scene for nearly four decades. In the late 1960s, he was one of the early pioneers of the jazz-rock fusion movement, and more recently he has been known for his participation in tributes to Benny Goodman and Lionel Hampton.

Opening with the perky, “Falling Grace,” only about one minute of this song was recorded before it fades out. Next up is the catchy “Careful,” which swings hard, despite drummer Bob Moses’ feather-light touch. “Careful” is highlighted by a slamming trumpet solo by Tiger Okoshi, which he plays through synthesized outboard effect. Unfortunately, that also fades before the song ends, and before what appears to be a bass solo by Steve Swallow. “Coral” follows with its dream-like ambience, reminiscent of something the late Chet Baker might have played. Burton does an extensive vibes solo on “Desert Air,” then leads the band into the Brazilian flavored, “Sweet Rain.” Bassist Swallow contributes “Radio” which closes the show, but not before giving ample time for Burton on vibes and Okoshi on trumpet to solo extensively.

Bob Moses, drums
Steve Swallow, bass
Tiger Okoshi, trumpet
Gary Burton, vibes

01 Careful
02 Coral
03 Desert air
04 Como en Vietnam
05 Radio

New York, september 8, 1978


Billy Cobham, Ron Carter & Kenny Barron - Bergamo Jazz 2002

Kenny Barron, piano
Ron Carter, bass
Billy Cobham, drums

1. Nearly (Ron Carter) (11:59)
2. Someday my prince will come (11:25)
3. I thought about you (9:07)

Trasmesso da Radio Tre Rai in diretta da Bergamo il 1° marzo 2002.

giovedì 13 settembre 2012

Jan Garbarek group - Live in Germany (1979)

Bill Connors, guitars
Eberhard Weber, bass
John Taylor, piano, keyboards
Jon Christensen, drums
Jan Garbarek, saxophones

01 Melting
02 Entering
03 Silence
04 Windows
05 Red roof / Spanish samba
06 Blue sky
07 Passing
08 Not forgetting
09 Reflections
10 Arrivee (Free improvisation)

Kiel, Germany July 10, 1979

Bill Frisell - Live at Yoshi's (1999)

Bill Frisell - Guitars
Greg Leisz - Guitars, Lap Steel, Pedal Steel
David Piltch - Bass
Kenny Wollesen - Drums

01 Introductions
02 Big Shoe
03 Rain, Rain Roscoe
04 Shenandoah Egg Radio (coda)
05 That Was Then
06 Cadillac 1959
07 Poem For Eva
08 Keep Your Eyes Open

Bill Frisell's New Quartet
Oakland, California: Yoshi's (Early Show) 11/10/99

martedì 11 settembre 2012

John Surman - Live in Genova (1996)

John Surman,soprano & baritone saxes,bass clarinet,electronics

01 Never Geese - Sweet Georgia Brown
02 Improvisation
03 Unknown
04 The Potato Song
05 Six minutes of pure entertainment
06 A Blues
07 Ending suite

Rec. live at Teatro ai Parchi di Nervi, Genoa, Italy, on August 1, 1996 (mix recording)

domenica 9 settembre 2012

Jim Hall trio featuring Tom Harrell - These rooms (1988)

Joey Baron, drums
Steve LaSpina, bass
Jim Hall, guitar
Tom Harrell, trumpet

1. With A Song In My Heart
2. Cross Court
3. Something Tells Me
4. Bimini
5. All Too Soon
6. These Rooms
7. Darn That Dream
8. My Funny Valentine
9. Where Or When
10. From Now On


venerdì 7 settembre 2012

Terje rypdal - Live in Germany (1975)

Terje Rypdal-Guitar, Keys
Brynjulf Blix-Keys
Torbjorn Sunde-Trombone
Sveinung Hovensjo-Bass
Svein Christiansen-Drums

01 Fantastic beginning
02 Silver Bird is Heading for the Sun
03 Ballad for Mr. Trumpet - Cosmic Flight
04 Better Off Without You
05 Adagio / Midnite
06 Softly drumming

Recorded live at Ausbildungszentrum der Oberpostdirektion, Bremen, March 23, 1975

Arild Andersen - Lifelines (1981)

Arild Andersen: Bass
Steve Dobrogosz: Piano
Kenny Wheeler: Fluegelhorn, Cornet
Paul Motian: Drums

1. Cameron
2. Prelude
3. Landloper
4. Predawn
5. Dear Kenny
6. A Song I Used To Play
7. Lifelines
8. Anew
Vinyl rip here

Dave Holland Prism - Live in Gothenburg, Sweden (2012)

Dave Holland Bass
Kevin Eubanks Guitar
Craig Taborn Piano, Electric Piano
Eric Harland Drums

01 A new day
02 Evolution
03 Choir
04 The winding way
05 Spirals
06 Breathe
07 The watcher

Dave Holland's Prism Nefertiti Jazz Club, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2012

John Abercrombie & Marc Copland quartet - ECM sessions. Live in Lugano (2012)

John Abercrombie, chitarra
Marc Copland, piano
Drew Gress, contrabbasso
Joey Baron, batteria

01 Improvisation around 'Blues connotation' including 'Moonglow'
02 John's speech
03 Spring song
04 Nick of time
05 Seven
06 Turn
07 Ending

Tra jazz e nuove musiche - 2011/12: ECM sessions 2
Trasmesso in diretta dal Teatro Cittadella di Lugano da RSI Rete Due il 26.4.2012

John Abercrombie Quartet - Jazz & Wine of Peace (2011)

John Abercrombie, chitarra
Mark Feldman, violino
Thomas Morgan, contrabbasso
Joey Baron, batteria

1. Line up
2. Anniversary waltz
3. Dansir
4. Vingt Six
5. Round trip
6. Sad song

Registrato al Teatro Comunale, Cormòns il 22.10.2011
Trasmesso da Rai Radio Tre il 6.9.2012

giovedì 6 settembre 2012

Dave Holland big band - Ai confini tra Sardegna e jazz (2003)

Antonio Hart    alto saxophone, flute
Mark Gross    alto saxophone
Chris Potter    tenor saxophone
Gary Smulyan    baritone saxophone
Robin Eubanks    trombone
Jonathan Arrowls    trombone
Josh Roseman    trombone
Taylor Haskins    trumpet, flugelhorn
Alex Sipiagin    trumpet, flugelhorn
Duane Eubanks    trumpet, flugelhorn
Steve Nelson    vibraphone
Dave Holland    double-bass
Billy Kilson    drums

1. First tune
2. Mental images
3. First snow
4. Fourth tune
5. How's never
6. A time remembered
7. Shadow dance

Trasmesso in diretta da Radio Rai Tre il 2 settembre 2003. da Sant’Anna Arresi in occasione del festival Ai confini tra Sardegna e Jazz.

Ralph Towner - Live in Italy (1996)

Ralph Towner - guitars

01 Harbinger / Les Douzilles
02 Tramonto
03 Beppo
04 Witchi-tai-to
05 Saverio's Theme
06 A Breath Away
07 Spirit Lake
08 Veldt
09 Toledo
10 Janet
11 I knew it was you
12 Jamaica Stopower
13 I fall in love too easily
14 Nimbus
15 The silence of a candle
16 Nardis

Registrato a Romans d'Isonzo, Gorizia, Italia (18-01-1996)


mercoledì 5 settembre 2012

Ralph Towner - Solo in Hamburg (1987)

Ralph Towner - guitars

01 Les Douzilles
02 Spirit Lake
03 Jamaica Stopover
04 The Juggler's etude
05 (12-strings tune)
06 Janet
07 Witchi-tai-to
08 Raffish - Nardis
09 The Donkey Jamboree
10 Oceanus

Recorded live in Hamburg (Germany) on december 21, 1987

Dave Holland quintet - Ai confini tra Sardegna e jazz (2003)

Dave Holland    double-bass
Chris Potter    tenor saxophone
Robin Eubanks    trombone
Steve Nelson    vibraphone, marimba
Billy Kilson    drums

1. Prime directive Dave Holland
2. Jugglers parade Dave Holland
3. Lost and found Chris Potter
4. Shifting sands Dave Holland
5. A searching spirit Robin Eubanks
Total size: 79:04

Registrato al festival Ai confini tra Sardegna e Jazz di Sant'Anna Arresi il 3 settembre 2003. Trasmesso da Radio Rai 3 l’1 marzo 2004.


martedì 4 settembre 2012

Bill Frisell & Ron Miles - Waiting for heaven (2001)

Bill Frisell, guitars, loops
Ron Miles, trumpet

01 Just Married
02 Ron Miles
03 Beautiful
04 Coward of the County
05 Heaven
06 Darken My Door
07 Falsetto
08 Close
09 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
10 You're Cheatin' Heart
11 We See
12 King Porter Stomp

These are the raw tracks from the sessions that produced the Ron Miles "Heaven" CD.
Recorded in Boulder, Colorado, May 21, 2001

Joey Baron Killer Joey - Clusone Jazz Festival 2000

Steve Cardenas, guitar
Brad Shepik, guitar
Tony Scherr, bass
Joey Baron, drums

1. Ballad (04:29)
2. Bit o' water (10:05)
3. Slow turnstyle (09:29)
4. Tune (12:10)
5. Wisely (08:12)
6. Wide load (11:58)

Registrato dal vivo al Festival Clusone Jazz 2000 il 29 luglio 2000. Trasmesso da Radio Tre Rai 4 giugno 2001


Arild Andersen, Vassilis Tsabropoulos, John Marshall - Rumori mediterranei (2000)

Arild Andersen, bass
Vassilis Tsabropoulos, piano
John Marshall, drums

1. Achirana (Vassilis Tsabropoulos, Arild Andersen, John Marshall)
2. Infinite distance (Arild Andersen)
3. She's gone (Arild Andersen)
4. Mystic (Vassilis Tsabropoulos)
5. Valley (Arild Andersen)

Registrato dal vivo al Teatro al Castello di Roccella Jonica il 25 agosto 2000

lunedì 3 settembre 2012

Patti Smith Group - Live in New York (1979)

Few women in rock have had as enormous an impact and influence as Patti Smith. The first of the art-punk poets, Smith burst onto the early New York punk scene in 1975 with a series of “music poetry happenings” staged at the legendary CBGB club between 1974 and 1976. A former college dropout who moved to Greenwich Village in the late 1960s, where she developed her skills as a beat poet, Patti Smith eventually discovered that the energetic punk music scene of the mid-1970s could work as the perfect vehicle for her controversial poetry and singing style. Having worked initially with a music critic and record store clerk named Lenny Kaye, Smith eventually formed her own band, with Kaye, keyboardist Richard Sohl, bassist Ivan Kral and drummer Dee Jay Daugherty.

They found a home at CBGBs, and began to play there regularly. In 1976, just as the Sex Pistols were changing the face of modern music in the U.K., and as the Ramones were about to do the same stateside, Patti Smith won the attention of Arista Records prexy, Clive Davis. With punk bubbling just under the rock ‘n’ roll radar, Clive was looking to embrace it. The Patti Smith Group would be his first punk signing, and her debut album, Horses, remains one of the most important rock albums of all time. She became known for her electrifying live performances with her band, which often played classic rock covers as a backdrop for her avant-garde poetry.

This recording, made in 1979, after the release of the Todd Rundgren produced Wave album, is a classic CBGB performance long after Smith’s career had exploded to the point where she was filling 5,000 auditoriums. Because it was a radio broadcast for the King Biscuit Flower Hour, and because they had returned to their punk roots at CBGB, Patti and the band play a very loose set filled with covers like John Lennon’s “Cold Turkey,” the Yardbird’s “For Your Love” and the Who classic, “My Generation.”

Although Smith remained a cutting-edge artist, her work with the Patti Smith Group eventually became predictable and she dropped out of music in the 1980s to marry former MC5 guitarist Fred “Sonic” Smith and raise a family. She has returned to touring and recording sporadically since marrying Smith in 1980, but her life took an unexpected twist when he died suddenly of a heart attack in 1994. To help deal with her grief, she returned to writing and recording, and in 2004, returned to the road with a revamped version of the Patti Smith Group.

Patti Smith - vocals
Lenny Kaye - guitar, vocals
Richard Sohl - keyboards
Ivan Kral - bass, guitar
Jay Dee Daugherty - drums

01 Land - Horses - Land of a thousand dances - La mer
02 Redondo Beach
03 Fire of unknown origin
04 Kimberly
05 Dancing barefoot
06 Space monkey
07 Privilege (Set me free)
08 25th floor
09 Cold turkey
10 For your love
11 Revenge
12 Frederick
13 Seven ways of going
14 Poppies
15 All along the Watchtower
16 Spider and fly 1985
17 So you want to be (a rock'n'roll star)
18 54321 - Wave
19 Twist and shout
20 My generation

Download here

sabato 1 settembre 2012

Richard Beirach - Elm (1979)

Nearly five years after his headlining debut, Eon, pianist Richie Beirach stepped into the studio to leave behind his most indelible mark yet. The graceful momentum of the opening “Sea Priesters” is all we need to know exactly what kind of journey this will be. Beirach’s tone sweeps great distances even as it localizes in handfuls of ecstatic melancholy that manage to keep even the most random memories in peculiar order as the rhythm section of Jack DeJohnette and George Mraz ladles its intuition in modest, unquenchable spoonfuls. “Pendulum,” while more upbeat, is also the most reflective track of the set, if only because its contentment seems to stem from a place resigned to life’s iniquities. Its extroverted deployment only intensifies the depth behind it. Mraz brings a particular edge to the trio’s sound here. This is much in contrast to the compelling balladry of “Ki,” which delicately frames our rest before the effervescence of “Snow Leopard” drifts skyward. DeJohnette divines his cymbals like a man possessed, yet without ever losing sight of his surroundings. This leads us to the final, and title, track. An emotionally direct and majestic stroke of sonic brilliance, it resonates like time itself.

Elm has all the makings of a sleeper hit. It is a burnished kaleidoscope of sound: every turn reveals an unrepeatable flower of symmetry. The music is insightful, frank, and eschews any of the pyrotechnics that might have weighed it down. These are musicians of staunch melodic commitment who live their craft so deeply that they seem to know exactly where they are going at all times, waiting only for us to join them at the end of every path drawn. Beirach’s piano is superbly tuned (all hats off to the technicians on this one) and glows under his touch; the beauty of DeJohnette’s timekeeping abilities throughout (especially in “Snow Leopard”) can hardly be overstated, capping off (along with his New Directions European date) as they do a stellar decade in ECM’s hallowed halls; and John Abercrombie Quartet bassist Mraz brings it all home with loving attention.

This may just be Beirach’s best and represents one missed opportunity among many for the Touchstones series. Though only physically available as an expensive Japanese import, it’s worth every yen, and then some.
Jack DeJohnette, drums
George Mraz, bass
Richard Beirach, piano

1. Sea priestess (Richard Beirach)
2. Pendulum (Richard Beirach)
3. Ki (Richard Beirach)
4. Snow leopard (Richard Beirach)
5. Elm (for Zbigniew Seifert) (Richard Beirach)

Vinly rip here