venerdì 7 settembre 2012

Terje rypdal - Live in Germany (1975)

Terje Rypdal-Guitar, Keys
Brynjulf Blix-Keys
Torbjorn Sunde-Trombone
Sveinung Hovensjo-Bass
Svein Christiansen-Drums

01 Fantastic beginning
02 Silver Bird is Heading for the Sun
03 Ballad for Mr. Trumpet - Cosmic Flight
04 Better Off Without You
05 Adagio / Midnite
06 Softly drumming

Recorded live at Ausbildungszentrum der Oberpostdirektion, Bremen, March 23, 1975

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  1. Found a YouTube (still just audio) version of this which will hopefully clear up issues of the date and track list. Checked each of the following parts against Barabbovich's mp3 copy, and the audio is definitely identical:

    Terje Rypdal's Odyssey, Post Aula, Bremen

    Part 1/4: "Julenissen Er Bla / Silverbird Is Heading For The Sun" (total time 22:15)
    (corresponds to tracks 1+2 from mp3 version)

    Part 2/4: "Darkness Falls / Cosmic Flight (total time 17:17)
    (corresponds to track 3 from mp3 version)

    Part 3/4: "Better Off Without You / Between Seasons" (total time 20:23)
    (corresponds to track 4 from mp3 version)

    Part 4/4: "Compass / Burning Candle In A Midnite Wind" (total time 20:07)
    (corresponds to track 5 from mp3 version)

    Final part, different YT uploader, lasts 11:25 - "Unknown title, sometimes reffered to as "6/8". Same personell as on the LP "Odyssey"."
    (corresponds to track 6 from mp3 version).