domenica 29 giugno 2014

Nik Bärtsch's Ronin - Modul 45/6 (2008)

Sha bass clarinet
Nik Bärtsch keyboards
Björn Meyer 6 string bass
Kaspar Rast drums
Andy Pupato percussion

1 Modul 4546 2543

Nils Petter Molvaer
Jan Bang
Eivind Aarset

2 Remix of Ronin's Modul 46 1854

01 Modul 45/46
02 Modul 45 remix

Recorded live at Punktfestival 2008, Agder-Theatre, Kristiansand, Norway, 5 September 2008. A good quality Deutschlandfunk satellite broadcast recording by my reappeared friend Chris from UK (also artwork).

venerdì 27 giugno 2014

Anouar Brahem - Jazz Sous les Pommiers (2014)

Anouar Brahem (oud)
Klaus Gesing (clarinette basse)
Björn Meyer (basse)
Khaled Yassine (darbouka, bendir)

01 The Lover of Beirut
02 Dance with Waves
03 Stopover at Djibouti
04 The Astounding Eyes of Rita
05 Band introduction
06 Galilee Mon Amour
07 Sur Le Fleuve
08 Waking State
09 For No Apparent Reason
10 Al Birwa
11 Halfaouine

Concert enregistré le 30 mai 2014 à la Salle Marcel Hélie de Coutances dans le cadre du festival Jazz Sous les Pommiers.

mercoledì 25 giugno 2014

Norma Winstone trio - Tra jazz e nuove musiche (2013)

Norma Winstone voice
Glauco Venier piano
Klaus Gesing bass clarinet, soprano saxophone

01 Time of no reply (Nick Drake)
02 Giant's Gentle Stride - Here comes the flood (Norma Winstone, Klaus Gesing - Peter Gabriel)
03 It might be you / My gospel / Everybody's talkin' / Second spring (Stephen Bishop / Glauco Venier, Norma Winstone / Fred Neil / Glauco Venier)
04 Dance without answer (Norma Winstone / Glauco Venier / Klaus Gesing)
05 San Diego serenade / Lipe Rosize (Tom Waits / Glauco Venier)
06 Cucurrucucu Paloma (Tomás Méndez)
07 Ator Ator (traditional)
08 It's not easy being green (Joe Raposo)

Tra jazz e nuove musiche 2012/13 – rassegna di Rete Due
registrato al Teatro San Materno, Ascona (Svizzera), il 12 aprile 2013
Trasmesso da RSI Rete Due il 12 gennaio 2014

Bobo Stenson Trio - The Lugano concert (2007)

Bobo Stenson - piano
Anders Jormin - bass
Jon Fält - drums

01 Announcement Bobo Stenson
02 Seli
03 El Mayor
04 Announcement Bobo Stenson
05 Fixed Goal
06 Announcement Bobo Stenson
07 Music For A While
08 Chiquilin De Bachin
09 Announcement Bobo Stenson
10 Olivia
11 Unknown Title
12 Race Face (Ornette Coleman)
13 Don's Kora Song (Don Cherry)

Lugano, Switzerland, 14.12.2007


lunedì 23 giugno 2014

Kings of Convenience - Live in Urbino (2001)

1. Look into your eyes
2. A new song
3. Ryot on an empty street
4. Failure
5. I Don't Know What I Can Save You From
6. Winning a Battle, Losing the War
7. Glory box (Portishead)
8. Singing Softly To Me
9. Another new song
10. Little kids
11. Freefalling (Tom Petty)
12. Toxic girl
13. The Weight of My Words
14. Talk with you

Recorded live in Urbino (Italy), Teatro Sanzio, on may 3, 2001

sabato 21 giugno 2014

Chick Corea & Gary Burton - Live at Berliner Jazztage (1979)

Chick Corea, piano
Gary Burton, vibes

01 Falling Grace
02 Mirror Mirror
03 Song to Gayle
04 Children's Song Nr. 1
05 Children's Song Nr. 2
06 Children's Song Nr. 15
07 Children's Song Nr. 5
08 Children's Song Nr. 6
09 Senor Mouse
10 Duet Suite

Recorded live at Berliner Jazztage, Philharmonie Berlin, November 2, 1979

venerdì 20 giugno 2014

Wolfgang Haffner - Jazz Baltica 2013

Sebastian Studnitzky, Piano, Keyboards trumpet
Kosho, guitar, bass
Christian Diener, E-Bass
Wolfgang Haffner, drums, percussion
Nils Landgren, trombone on 9

01 Bing
02 Slow tune
03 Heart of the matter
04 Tubes
05 Unknown tune
06 Hello
07 Untitled
08 Spoken interlude
09 Featuring Nils Landgren
10 Solo Closing

Awesome recording. Recommended!
Trasmesso da RSI Rete Due Sabato 22 febbraio 2014
Registrato @ Jazz Baltica 2013, Evers Dockyard, Timmendorf Beach, Niendorf. June 30, 2013

giovedì 19 giugno 2014

Michele Rabbia - Dokumenta sonum (2013, video)

Michele Rabbia - drums, percussion, synth, effects

1. Sine linea
2. Sovraimpressioni
3. Equilibrium
4. Poeme en prose (to Dino Campana)
5. Generation
6. Signs
7. Continuum mechanics

Very hard to find.
Avi format
DL here

martedì 17 giugno 2014

Glauco Venier trio w/ Kenny Wheeler & Klaus Gesing - Gorizia (2000)

Glauco Venier - pianoforte
Kenny Wheeler - trumpet
Salvatore Maiore - bass
Roberto Dani - drums & percussions
Klaus Gesing - alto sax
Nicola Mansutti - violin
Lucia Clonfero - violin
Elena Allegretto - viola
Francesca Favit - cello

01 Carnera
02 Com'è triste Codroipo
03 Monts dulintziosis
04 Tanas
05 Goorizia
06 Andrea
07 Tristano Matiole
08 Grao
09 Ricordandoti

Veramente difficile da trovare.
Questa volta il ringraziamento va a Carlo Alberto, che mi ha girato questa chicca. Grazie, Prof.
Lo trovi qui

Bill Laswell & Material - One World Music (2012)

Bill Laswell, basso elettrico;
Bernie Worrell, tastiere;
Dominic Kanza, chitarra elettrica;
Hamid Drake, batteria;
Ayib Dieng, percussioni;
Steven Bernstein, tromba, tromba a coulisse;
Peter Apfelbaum, sassofono tenore

01 Volunteered Slavery
02 Goodfellas
03 Drum solo
04 Tendi
05 Kung fu dance
06 Thinking of Hendrix
07 Reggaefrenic
08 Eagger
09 Last round

Registrato al Teatro Manzoni, Milano, l’11.3.2012 nell'ambito della rassegna "Aperitivo in concerto"
Trasmesso da Rai Radio tre mercoledì 24 ottobre 2012 20.30

Fabrizio Paterlini - Fragments found (2010)

All music composed and performed by Fabrizio Paterlini (piano solo).

And here is my third official piano solo album, "Fragments Found".
When I sit in front of my piano and start playing, melodies come to find me and I immediately record them on my PC, as improvisations.
Sometimes it happens that such music remains on my hard drive for months (sometimes years) before seeing the light.
"Fragments Found" is a collection of some "lost" music found on my hard drive (some songs where composed in 2007!) and some newer material.
I hope you will enjoy and do not forget to share it with the persons you love.
released 29 October 2010
Recorded @ Digitube Studio in Mantova (Italy) during the first week of October 2010.
Art Direction & Design by We Are Synapse.

01 Girasoli E Lavanda
02 Frozen River, Part II
03 Fragments Found
04 Pensiero Notturno
05 Il Gigante E La Balena
06 Five-Thirty AM
07 Deja Vu
08 Rue Des Trois Freres
09 Controvento, Senz'olio
10 Still Travelling

Hard to find
DL here

domenica 15 giugno 2014

Marc Johnson's Bass Desires - Live in Münster (1987)

Bill Frisell, guitars
John Scofield, guitars
Peter Erskine, drums
Marc Johnson, bass

01 Twister
02 Bass desires
03 Mojo highway
04 Hymn for her
05 Stella by starlight

Live at Jugendzentrum Am Berg Fidel, Münster Germany, 20 February 1987. FM broadcast recording
Artwork & recording by my disappeared friend Chris from England.

mercoledì 11 giugno 2014

Bobo Stenson & Palle Danielsson - Live in Switzerland 2014

Bobo Stenson: piano
Palle Danielsson: bass

01 Moon and sand
02 Consolation
03 Sister Maj Blouse
04 Adagio con esspressione
05 Gloria's step
06 Mindiatyr
07 Booker's waltz
08 Mars
09 Your story

Live at AMR Jazz Festival, Geneve, Switzerland, March 18, 2014
Thanks to
or here

lunedì 9 giugno 2014

Graham Nash - Innocent eyes (1986)

featuring Alan Pasqua, Bill Boydston, Craig Doerge, David Lindley, David Plantshon, George Perry, Ian Wallace, James Taylor, Jeff Southworth, Joe Lala, Kate Yester, Kenny Loggins, Leland Sklar, Mark Williams, Michael Landau, Mike Fisher, Paul Bliss, Tim Drummond, Waddy Wachtel, Graham Nash

01 See you in Prague
02 Keep Away From Me
03 Innocent eyes
04 Chippi'n Away
05 Over the wall
06 Don't Listen To The Rumors
07 Sad Eyes
08 Newday
09 Glass And Steel
10 I Got A Rock

Vinyl out of print
Download the worst Graham Nash's album ever here

giovedì 5 giugno 2014

Fabrizio Paterlini - Morning Sketches (2011)

released 29 August 2011
All music composed and performed by Fabrizio Paterlini.(piano solo)

01 The stars that fell over that night
02 Racconto di luna
03 Untitled (Lost Letters) - [Piano solo]
04 Still travelling (Live)
05 Found letters
06 Pensiero notturno (March Rosetta rmx)

Hard to find
DL here

domenica 1 giugno 2014

Gong - Shapeshifter (1992)

GRAHAM CLARK aka Albert (no parking) Perkin, violin & voices; SHYAMAL MAITRA aka banana ananda, tablas, gatham, djembè, darbuka, techno percs, programming, drums on «I gotta donkey»; KEITH BAILEY aka Keith missile bass, bass guitar, vocals on «Shapeshifter» & «Heaven's gate»; PIP PYLE drums, ten green bottles & scream; DIDIER MALHERBE aka bloomdido bad the grass, brass, tenor, alto & soprano saxes, WX7, keyboards, windsynthesizer, dogs, piccolo & flute; DAEVID ALLEN accoustic, glissando & lewd guitarply, vocals midwivery; GUEST CHARLELIE COUTURE vocals on «Las Bas la bas»; MARK ROBSON keybaords & sportin vocals on «Gnomoutro»; ALAIN 'LOY' EHRLICH keyboards on «Give my mother a soul call» & Kora on «Spirit with me» with gratitude to all I YAY III TOM THE POET instant radio poetry during US tour with Daevid on «I gotta donkey».

1. Gnomerique
2. Shapeshifter
3. Hymnalayas
4. Dog o matic
5. Spirit with me
6. Mr.Albert Parkin
7. Raindrop tablas
8. Give my mother a soul call
9. Heaven's gate
10. Snake tablas
11. Loli
12. Can you you can
13. Confiture de rhubarbier
14. Parkin triumphant
15. Longhaired tablas
16. Elephant la tete
17. Mother's gone
18. Elephant la cuisse
19. White doves
20. Gnomoutro
21. Goddess invocation om riff

CD out of print