mercoledì 25 giugno 2014

Norma Winstone trio - Tra jazz e nuove musiche (2013)

Norma Winstone voice
Glauco Venier piano
Klaus Gesing bass clarinet, soprano saxophone

01 Time of no reply (Nick Drake)
02 Giant's Gentle Stride - Here comes the flood (Norma Winstone, Klaus Gesing - Peter Gabriel)
03 It might be you / My gospel / Everybody's talkin' / Second spring (Stephen Bishop / Glauco Venier, Norma Winstone / Fred Neil / Glauco Venier)
04 Dance without answer (Norma Winstone / Glauco Venier / Klaus Gesing)
05 San Diego serenade / Lipe Rosize (Tom Waits / Glauco Venier)
06 Cucurrucucu Paloma (Tomás Méndez)
07 Ator Ator (traditional)
08 It's not easy being green (Joe Raposo)

Tra jazz e nuove musiche 2012/13 – rassegna di Rete Due
registrato al Teatro San Materno, Ascona (Svizzera), il 12 aprile 2013
Trasmesso da RSI Rete Due il 12 gennaio 2014

12 commenti:

  1. Wow! What an amazing appetizer for the new album next week!

    Thank you very very much for this Barabbovich - this one will be getting a lot of plays as far as I'm concerned. Great stuff.

  2. You have been posting much considerable beauty which I have consumed readily without thought and without pause to say thanks. This fact causes me embarrassment to complain that recent changes at Rapidshare make things tough for the drive-by occasional end-user.
    May I suggest a change of host?
    We love Norma.
    Many retroactive thanks.

  3. Rapidshare back on to a working keel

  4. Nope
    I spoke too soon.
    Now Rapidshare is telling me I am already in excess of a daily allowance.
    Yet this is my first download attempt of today.
    And the furthest I've reached since 16 gennaio.

  5. It says the same for me, I think the file is now too large or something?

  6. There is some truly wonderful music to be discovered here, for which many thanks. I won't download readily available official releases, but hearing favourite artists in a live setting adds to our listening pleasure

    So, as others are saying, please switch to something other than Rapidshare.

    1. Complaint over - I registered, and am really very glad to have done so because this Norma Winstone set is some of the best vocal jazz you'll ever here, especially from a 72 year old veteran!

  7. I hope maybe this is one of the recordings you make a new link for. I've been trying for a month, every time it is no good. Would love to hear this one!

  8. ........for those they like vibes