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Dave Holland & Pepe Habichuela Flamenco Quintet - Tampere Jazz Happening (2011)

The bassist legend Dave Holland and Pepe Habichuela, the brightest star in the flamenco sky, played a concert together in Sevilla in 2007. After four days of practice and a successful concert, Holland’s interest in flamenco was truly ignited. In 2010, the duo released the album ”Hands” (Dare2records, 2010) which combines the styles of fandango, rumba, and bulería.

Holland has stated that he never had the intent to form a fusion between jazz and flamenco, but rather wanted to learn the deepest essence of Gypsy music and perhaps bring his own ideas to it. This respectful attitude, together with a deep sense of devotion, has allowed Holland to establish a connection directly between his bass and the soul of flamenco.

Pepe Habichuela, the undisputed maestro of Andalusian flamenco, is a third-generation musician from a recognized flamenco dynasty. He and Holland are accompanied by recognized members of the young flamenco generation, including Habichuela’s son, Josemi Carmona, who plays guitar in the tremendously popular Ketama, as well as percussionists Juan Carmona and el Bandolero.

Pepe Habichuela – first guitar
Josemi Carmona – second guitar
Juan Carmona – percussion
Bandolero - percussion
Dave Holland – bass

01 Musicians introduction
02 Puente Quebrao (Buleria)
03 Hands (Fandango De Huelva)
04 The Whirling Dervish
05 Camaron (Taranta)
06 Yesqueros (Media Granaina)
07 Tangroove
08 Bass solo
09 Bailaor (Seguiriya Cabal)
10 El Ritmo Me Lleva (Rumba)
11 Subi La Cuesta (Tangos)

Recorded live in Tampere (Finland), november 4, 2011
Trasmesso da RSI Rete Due Sabato 18 agosto 2012

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  1. Ciao Barabbovich...ho perso le tue tracce sul "mulo" ed ora ti ritrovo "degradato"...grande,ti sugue ancora!Lorenzo T., live di Holland e Habichuela e' fantastico!Thanks

    1. Ciao Lorenzo. In effetti Emule lo sto usando ai minimi storici: ho preso troppi virus...
      Contento che ti piaccia il blog. Puoi segnarti anche come followers. Ciao

  2. Thanks! I've been looking for a live show of Dace and Pepe playing together. Their collaboration in the album 'Hands' is just fantastic!

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