mercoledì 27 gennaio 2016

Tony Geballe - Native of the rain (1996)

Tony Geballe, guitars

1. Native Of The Rain
2. Evening Tower
3. Per Moana
4. Flock
5. Dancing Inside
6. Star Of The Dust
7. Pages
8. Prelude
9. Awakening
10. Prelude

CD out of print

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  1. B - so many times I browse my collection for something to listen to and I think how grateful I am to you for providing so many great shows. Listened to some Wasilewski Trio stuff the other day - thank you - such great sound quality. Once again - thank you for all over the past few years. So appreciated.

    1. Messages such yours push me to continue with enthusiasm the proposal of concerts and rare records. Thank you, Chico. Stay tuned: great stuff is coming soon!

  2. really outstanding material. Thanks so much

  3. thank you for the recognition, but it is still possible to download this legally on itunes or purchase a physical copy from cdbaby or direct from the artist on his website ( please support the artists you like!