martedì 7 aprile 2015

Terje Rypdal Trio - Garâna (2010)

Terje Rypdal - guitar
Miroslav Vitous - cello
Gerald Cleaver - drums

01 Track number 1
02 Track number 2
03 Track number 3
04 Track number 4
05 Track number 5
06 Track number 6

Garâna Jazz Festival 2010, editia a 14-a / 21-06-2010, Poiana Lupului, Romania

7 commenti:

  1. Many thanks Barabbovich for more fantastic Rypdal!

  2. Es una lástima que el link de Rapidgator no funciona, no te da el punto de bajada, en todo caso seguí publicando tan bonito material que ya aparecerá por otro lado, Gracias Bara.

  3. I'm afraid it is impossible to download this interesting concert as the Rapidgator link just countdowns from 44 secs. and then nothing happens. I would be grateful if you could possibly correct this.

  4. GB - I have had the same problem as you - many of us have. Be patient and keep trying - it took me a week to get to the previous Rypdal post - it was well worth the trouble. Barabbovich does such a great job with all this music - just keep trying - it should work for you eventually! Cheers!! (Be sure to get that Rypdal from '75 - fantastic stuff!)

  5. Come-on Barabbovich, you can do better than Rapidgator, their service sucks and ruins your effort, please repair this link or change your downloader, I pay for it!!!

  6. I just give up.I have attempted to download this concert a dozen times with no success-which is plain ridiculous.(There is a similar problem with the Soren Dahl Jeppensen 'Pipe Dreams').Please Barabbovich change your file host to a more reliable service like 1fichier,Filepost or Google Mega. All your hard work & dedication is being negated by Rapidgator's third rate service.
    Chico-i agree Rypdal from '75 is "fantastic stuff"...have you heard the Rypdal Trio,Bremen,4 April 1973?...some of the greatest playing i have yet heard from this wonderful musician.Thank you Barabbovich for making it available to everyone.