mercoledì 1 aprile 2015

Ludovico Einaudi - Radio Uno concerto (2005)

Marco Decimo, cello
Ludovico Einaudi, piano

1. Una mattina
2. Ora
3. Dolce droga
4. Nuvole bianche
5. Resta con me
6. A fuoco
7. Dna
8. In un'altra vita
9. Resta con me
10. Leo
11. Al di là del vetro
12. A fuoco
13. Dietro casa
14. Come un fiore
15. Le onde

Trasmesso da Rai Radio Uno il 4 febbraio 2005

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  1. Hi B - just wanted to mention I haven't been able to get the past three posts - Rapidgator not cooperating for me!-( Have tried many many times but it just keeps sending me back to the 45 second waiting period. Not sure why it won't work for me. Anyway - thanks for all your efforts as always!

    1. Still having problems with RG, Chico? I've managed to get the last couple ok, but I've been stuck in the 45 second loop quite a few times. Not sure what causes it. Hopefully clear up soon!

      Many thanks Barabbovich for the Einaudi, sounds great.

    2. Hey Alan - thanks for the response. Yeah - for some reason I'm not having any luck with the latest three from Barabbovich. I've had the problem before and it usually clears up within a day - but this has been going on now for 3 or 4 days. I'll keep trying - but it's tough when you love all this music so much and can't get to it!-) This site is just the best! I'll give an update now and then - hopefully I'll have success soon! Take care!

    3. Hola Chico. Be patient: I'm too busy. I don't know the reason of your problems with Rapidgator. I can only suggest you to take a look at DNS of your router. Greetings

    4. Right on B - no worries! Don't want you to think I'd be expecting u to resolve the issue for me - I'm sure u are very busy! If I never got another concert from this site I'd still be sooooo grateful as you have already enhanced my music collection with SOOOOO MANY great concerts! Thanks SO MUCH! I'll keep trying and keep ya posted! (I have tried from different locations and different computers so not sure the router is the culprit - I'll keep investigating though! Thx!!)

  2. Hey B & Alan - just wanted to let u know I've finally had success with all downloads! I think the issue is really with Rapidgator but - I'm happy to report I'm listening to the Terje show!! INCREDIBLE!! I have the older post from '75 also - trying to figure out if really the same show. But this recent one is outstanding!! Sounds great!!! Thanks so much B!!! Sorry for any trouble with Rapidgator issues - I'll learn to be patient!-) LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!