giovedì 9 aprile 2015

Søren Dahl Jeppesen - Pipe Dreams (2013)

Søren Dahl Jeppesen (gui)
Óskar Gudjónsson (sax)
Klaus Nørgaard (b)
Jakob Høyer (dr)
Simon Toldam (p)
Strings on Rain (Part I) and Anytime by Bjarke Falgren

01 Insomnia
02 Fallback
03 Rain (Part I)
04 Pipe Dreams
05 Tinkerbell
06 Blinded
07 Broken
08 Drifting
09 Anytime
10 Doom & Gloom
11 Rain (Part II)

Hard to find
DL here

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  1. Es una lástima que el link de Rapidgator no funciona, no te da el punto de bajada, en todo caso seguí publicando tan bonito material que ya aparecerá por otro lado, Gracias Bara.

  2. Like the recent Terje Rypdal concert it is again impossible to download this file as the Rapidgator link does not work. Any chance this could be corrected. Many thanks for your time and dedication in a great musical blog.

  3. Thanks for such nice music, I was able to listen to it in amazon, your link with Rapidgator does not work, same with the link of Rypdal in Garana, I tried both 4 times today and nothing, can you rapair it?
    Thanks Barabbovich

  4. Barabbovich can you reupload this file and the Terje Rypdal Garana in another service other than the spam prone rapidgator that by the way does not provide a downloading link in several of your excellent material. Many thanks