martedì 8 aprile 2014

Uakti - Aguas de Amazonia. Music composed by Philip Glass (1999)

Marco Antonio Guimaraes (artistic direction and arrangements, strings)
Paulo Sergio Dos Santos (percussion)
Decio De Souza Ramos Filho (percussion) Artur Andrés Ribeiro (woodwinds)

1. Tiquiè river
2. Japurà river
3. Purus river
4. Negro river
5. Madeira river
6. Tapajòs river
7. Paru river
8. Xingu river
9. Amazon river
10. Metamorphosis I

All music composed by Philip Glass and adapted for Uakti by Marco Antonio Guimaraes
Special guest: Regina Stela Amaral (keyboards) Michael Riseman (keyboards).
Produced by Michael Riesman
Cd out of print
DL here

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  1. Thanks Barabbovich! I've just started listening to Philip Glass in recent months and I didn't know about this one.