lunedì 14 aprile 2014

Double Image - Live in Bremen (1977)

David Friedman (vibraphone),
Dave Samuels (marimbaphone),
Harvie Swartz (bass),
Michael DiPasqua (drums)

01 Aerobats
02 Medley: Truce / Aqua
03 Places I've never been
04 Catherine
05 Rodney's dream of fantasy and self-fulfillment

Recorded by Radio Bremen @ Sendesaal, Bremen (Germany), May 23, 1977
Many many thanks to Steve for the right titles.

8 commenti:

  1. Many thanks for this post. I have never heard about this recording before - superb. Speaklng about Harvey Swartz is there any chance to post his excellent "Smart Moves". It is totally impossible to run down.

    1. You mean Harvie Swartz. If you want Smart moves send an email to

  2. At least check the spelling. Harvie not Harvey
    Please correct it. thank you.

    1. Correct, Harvie! Thanks.
      ...and please, send me "Smart movies": it is impossible to find it in all over the world!

  3. Risposte
    1. Absolutely not, Mr. Friedman! Congratulatiions for your great music

  4. Here are the missing or correct titles of the tunes according to Radio Bremen's playlist: 2 - Medley: Truce - Aqua, 3 - Places I've never been, 4 - Catherine.
    Cheers, Steve