venerdì 4 dicembre 2015

Carla Bley Trio - The Köln concert (2015)

Carla Bley, piano
Steve Swallow, e-bass
Andy Sheppard, saxophones

01 Rut
02 Naked bridges diving brides
03 Tricycle
04 Healing power
05 Ups and downs
06 Lawns

Registrato il 26 ottobre 2015 Stadtgarten, Köln
Trasmesso Sabato 28 novembre 2015 - ore 20,05 (WDR 3)

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  1. many thanks Barabbovich, great to hear more from this trio.

  2. I am very thankful for the material you post Barabbovich, nevertheless, I encounter so many problems downloading from Rapidgator, is there a possibility to change them? or repair the glitch, it is kind of frustrating to try to download 10 or more times a day, again thank you for the music and your exquisite taste for material.

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