sabato 14 febbraio 2015

The Carla Bley Band - Boo to you too (1979)

Carla Bley, piano, organ, composer
Arturo O'Farril, piano, organ
Carlos Ward, alto saxophone
Michael Mantler, trumpet
Gary Windo, tenor saxophone
Vincent Chancey, french horn
Gary Valente, trombone
Earl McIntyre, tuba
D.Sharpe, drums
Steve Swallow, bass
Thomas Ströwsand, tubular bells

01 Michael Naura Introducing the band
02 Floater
03 Ida Lupino
04 Wrong Key Donkey
05 Dreams so real
06 Walking Batterie Woman
07 I'm a mineralist
08 Boo to you too
09 Musique Mecanique III

Trasmesso Venerdì 16 gennaio 2015 - ore 20,04 (Kultur Radio)
Registrato il 4 novembre 1979, Philharmonie

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  1. many thanks Barabbovich - great to have such a good recording of Carla's band from this era!