sabato 23 novembre 2013

Carla Bley & Lost Chords featuring Paolo Fresu - Bananas & More. Live in Saltzburg (2007)

Carla Bley, pianoforte;
Steve Swallow, bass elettrico;
Andy Sheppard, sax tenore;
Billy Drummond, batteria;
Paolo Fresu, tromba

01 One banana
02 Two banana
03 Three banana
04 Four
05 Five banana
06 One banana more
07 Rut
08 La Paloma
09 Liver Of Life
10 Death Of Superman - Dream Sequence #1 - Flying

Recorded live at Salzburger JazzHerbst, University of Saltzburg, 28.10.2007. All compositions by Carla Bley
Highly reccommended!!!

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  1. Thanks sooo much for the wonderful music you have on this site - absolutelt fantastic! Much appreciated!

  2. I can't download with UL, sorry. Can you post with an other link, please? I love Carla and this combo. Thanks. Beast swingin' wishes.

  3. grazie per la musica che hai sul tuo sito
    qui il link non stà funzionando
    ciao e grazie ancora

  4. Very laid-back music. Thanks for the share!