venerdì 20 novembre 2015

Tigran Hamasyan Trio - JazzFest Berlin (2015)

Tigran Hamasyan piano
Arthur Hnatek drums
Sam Minaie double bass

01 Intro
02 So big
03 Untitled #1
04 The grade
05 Untitled #2
06 Untitled #3
07 Entertainment
08 Untitled #4

Trasmesso in diretta dal JazzFest Berlin Sabato 7 novembre 2015 - ore 20,03 (SWR2)

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  2. Most links don't work in this site... :-(

  3. I am very thankful for the material you post Barabbovich, nevertheless, I encounter so many problems downloading from Rapidgator, is there a possibility to change them? or repair the glitch, it is kind of frustrating to try to download 10 or more times a day, again thank you for the music and your exquisite taste for material.