lunedì 16 novembre 2015

Charles Lloyd Wild Man Dance Project - JazzFest Berlin (2015)

Charles Lloyd tenor saxophone
Gerald Clayton piano
Joe Sanders double bass
Eric Harland drums
Sokratis Sinopoulos lyra
Miklós Lukács cimbalom

01 Wild Man Dance #1
02 Wild Man Dance #2
03 Wild Man Dance #3
04 Wild Man Dance #4
05 Wild Man Dance #5
06 Wild Man Dance #6
07 Wild Man Dance #7
08 Wild Man Dance #8

Trasmesso in diretta dal JazzFest Berlin Sabato 7 novembre 2015 - ore 20,03 (SWR2)
Photo cover by Fabrizio 'Dentone' Borgazzi
ArtWork by Barabbovich

3 commenti:

  1. thanks for the music, but nitro makes your links undownloadable

  2. Wonderful!! Excellent sound! Another gem! Thanks so much B!!! Absolutely fantastic!!

  3. I have made two attempts to d/l this Charles Lloyd takes nearly 3 hours for a 198mb file which then ends prematurely 5mb short of completion! Please consider changing from the truly awful Nitroflare to a more reliable uploader like 1fichier or Google Chrome...thank you for all the wonderful music you have offered in the past.