venerdì 15 maggio 2015

Paolo Fresu & Bebo Ferra - Live in Basel (2015)

Paolo Fresu, tp, flh
Bebo Ferra, guitar

01 La metafisica per le scimmie
02 Moto perpetuo
03 E se domani
04 Desertico
05 Sì dolce è il tormento
06 Eg-Ua
07 Satisfaction
08 Fellini

Recorded live on april 17, 2015, Jazz Festival Basel
Trasmesso Venerdì 24 aprile 2015 - ore 22,06 (SRF2)

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  1. Just starting to listen - sounds great! Thanks Barabbovich for always offering the absolute best in sound quality and shows. Your offerings have enhanced my music collection like none other. Forever grateful!

  2. Many thanks Barabbovich - perfect sounds for late spring!

  3. Can you re-up or repair this link, Rapidgator goes itno a loop taking you nowere, thanks.

  4. Would you mind reposting this one.