venerdì 29 maggio 2015

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Radio concert (2003)

Don Moye percussion
Joseph Jarman reeds, percussion
Malachi Favors Maghostut bass, percussion
Roscoe Mitchell reeds, percussion
Baba Susoko percussion

1. Hill instrum 11:46
2. Tituton 7:27
3. Nalu 7:14
4. Banconi 5:32
5. Hail we nice enjoy 10:51
6. Zero the outtuned line 25:07
7. Outlala 7:25
Total size: 75:27

Trasmesso da Radio Tre Rai il 22 gennaio 2003.


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  1. Thanks man, but Rapidgator sucks! We just cant get this thing.

  2. True, Rapidgator just repeats countdown each time with no resolution. Have tried 15 times.

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  4. They are right. I said that I will not pay more Rapidgator. It's a disaster. I repeat my advice: keep Rapidgator, if you want, with another storage. For example and are very fast and good site

  5. Here is the original source of this recording:

    1. thanks for the link, great sound & music...Barabbovich, there are better options than rapidgator, thanks for the wonderful music you share...saluti...