martedì 19 maggio 2015

Mike Mainieri & The Swiss Jazz Orchestra feat. Peter Erskine - Live in Basel (2015)

Mike Mainieri (vibes)
Peter Erskine (drums)

Swiss Jazz Orchestra
Adrian Pflugshaupt (as)
Reto Suhner (as)
Jürg Bucher (ts)
Till Grünewald (ts)
Marc Schödler (bs)
Dave Blaser (tp)
Johannes Walter (tp)
Lukas Thöni (tp)
Thomas Knuchel (tp)
Vincent Lachat (tb)
Andreas Tschopp (tb)
Stefan Schlegel (tb)
Reto Zumstein (tb)
Philip Henzi (p)
Lorenz Beyeler (b)
Toni Schiavano (eb)
Nick Perrin (g)
Roland Wäger (perc)

01 Opening
02 Band introduction
03 Pools
04 Northern cross
05 Islands
06 Los Dos Loretta's
07 Band introduction (second part)
08 Oops
09 Untitled
10 A remark you made
11 Liberty city

Mike Mainieri & the Swiss Jazz Orchestra feat. Peter Erskine al Jazz Festival Basel 2015
Registrato il 7 aprile 2015 al Jazz Festival Jazz
Trasmesso Venerdì 1 maggio 2015 - ore 22,06 (SRF2)

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  1. Another great one! This site restores my faith that there is great jazz still happening in the world. Thanks B!

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