lunedì 19 gennaio 2015

Lyle Mays - Live in Buenos Aires (1992)

Lyle Mays (piano)
Marc Johnson (bass)
Peter Erskine (drums)

01 Close to Home
02 Chorinho
03 Fictionary
04 Lincoln Review His Notes
05 Unidentified standard

Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 5, 1992


4 commenti:

  1. Tried downloading twice - error each time stating "source file could not be read". Anyone else find the same trouble? (Thanks B for all your efforts!! Looks like a great show!)

  2. Working ok for me - many thanks Barabbovich. Will be good to hear LM in a trio when I've only ever heard him in larger groups.

    The final track is 'Stella By Starlight', and apparently some versions of this gig have two more tracks - doesn't say what they are though:

  3. Ero in quel magnifico concerto.

    Jerome Eric Hochberg, bass
    Mark Walker, drums