giovedì 22 gennaio 2015

Contact Trio - Musik (1981)

Peter Eisold: drums, percussion
Aloys Kott: electic and acoustic bass
Evert Brettschneider: electric and acoustic guitar

1. Air lines (E.Brettschneider, A.Kott)
2. String games (E.Brettschneider)
3. Daddy longleg (A.Kott)
4. Simple symphony (E.Brettschneider, A.Kott)
5. Silence (A.Kott)
6. Elbow dance (E.Brettschneider, A.Kott)

Vinyl out of print. Ripped here

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  1. I can't think you enough for this one.I had just
    about given up, which brings to mind another lp
    that I own and would like to get on disc.
    Title- DAWN by Double Image. Once again this site
    is incredible and you are the God of blogs.

  2. mi associo al commento entusiasta di James! aggiungendo però la richiesta di reup in quanto il link è ormai fuori uso. grazie mille per tutto quel che fai