mercoledì 26 novembre 2014

Keith Jarrett - Bremen (1975)

Keith Jarrett - piano solo

01 Bremen, part I
02 Bremen, part II
03 Bremen, part III
04 Bremen, part IV
05 Bremen, part V

Registrato il 2 febbraio 1975, Glocke, Brema (Germania)
Trasmesso Domenica 23 novembre 2014 - ore 20,05 (NRW)

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4 commenti:

  1. Thanks so much Barabbovich!! Been wanting this for a long time! Much appreciated!!!!

  2. okay, this is exciting! firstly, everyone who hasn't heard this concert needs to download it - IMMEDIATELY - as it's right up there with the slightly more well known concert Jarrett played the week previous, perhaps more bluesy. and the long vamp from halfway through the encore is just otherworldly, one of my favourite Jarrett performances ever.
    secondly - I'm guessing from the info above that this is a brand new radio broadcast? can't wait to compare this to the recordings I've previously heard of this show. I suspect this one might sound absolutely fantastic!

    thanks very very very much Barabbovich!

  3. Yes, wonderful performance and recording! Thanks indeed. By the way, the encore, part V, is "Treasure Island."

  4. Really great to hear this. Thanks!!