martedì 23 agosto 2016

Kenny Wheeler, Ralph Towner, Gary Peacock - Live in Holland (1992)

Ralph Towner, guitar
Gary Peacock, bass
Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, flugelhorn

01 Smatter
02 Ballad for Janet
03 Beppo
04 The House in the Derry and the House in the Prairie
05 The glide
06 Opening piano
07 Nardis

Enschude, Holland 21.6.1992

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  1. Hello. I've only just come across your marvellous site and discovered it's treasures. This being one of them. Thank you very much. Nice.

  2. Thanks for making this available.

    #2 is Ballad for Janet, by Ralph Towner;

    #3 is Beppo, by Ralph Towner;

    #4 is The House in the Derry and the House in the Prairie, by Kenny Wheeler.

    Couldn't identify #6. Should be a Gary Peacock tune. Doesn't sound like Wheeler, doesn't sound much like Towner either.

  3. Hey Barbbovich,

    Any chance for a re-upload on this? It sounds like a great show. Thanks in advance!

  4. This recording was first posted at and is still available there.

  5. Many thanks for the re-up, very appreciated!