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Gong - Shapeshifter (1992)

GRAHAM CLARK aka Albert (no parking) Perkin, violin & voices; SHYAMAL MAITRA aka banana ananda, tablas, gatham, djembè, darbuka, techno percs, programming, drums on «I gotta donkey»; KEITH BAILEY aka Keith missile bass, bass guitar, vocals on «Shapeshifter» & «Heaven's gate»; PIP PYLE drums, ten green bottles & scream; DIDIER MALHERBE aka bloomdido bad the grass, brass, tenor, alto & soprano saxes, WX7, keyboards, windsynthesizer, dogs, piccolo & flute; DAEVID ALLEN accoustic, glissando & lewd guitarply, vocals midwivery; GUEST CHARLELIE COUTURE vocals on «Las Bas la bas»; MARK ROBSON keybaords & sportin vocals on «Gnomoutro»; ALAIN 'LOY' EHRLICH keyboards on «Give my mother a soul call» & Kora on «Spirit with me» with gratitude to all I YAY III TOM THE POET instant radio poetry during US tour with Daevid on «I gotta donkey».

1. Gnomerique
2. Shapeshifter
3. Hymnalayas
4. Dog o matic
5. Spirit with me
6. Mr.Albert Parkin
7. Raindrop tablas
8. Give my mother a soul call
9. Heaven's gate
10. Snake tablas
11. Loli
12. Can you you can
13. Confiture de rhubarbier
14. Parkin triumphant
15. Longhaired tablas
16. Elephant la tete
17. Mother's gone
18. Elephant la cuisse
19. White doves
20. Gnomoutro
21. Goddess invocation om riff

CD out of print

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