martedì 13 giugno 2017

Hajo Weber & Ulrich Ingenbold - Winterreise (1982)

Hajo Weber, guitars
Ulrich Ingenbold, guitars, flute

1. Der wundersame Weg
2. Karussell
3. Winterreise
4. Zweifel
5. Sommerregen
6. Drehung in der Luft
7. Filmmusik
8. Son's song

In my opinion, one of the best ECM albums ever. Vinyl out of print. Ripped here

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  1. Bought this on lp when released, also one of my favorite ECM albums. Always wondered what happen to Hajo & Ulrich? Thanks Jim

  2. Thanks for this... @

  3. Many thanks B, this is one that Manfred should reissue for sure!

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  5. Unbelievably, and as an ECM fan, this is one I'd not heard of before. From these comments, I'm definitely looking forward to hearing it. Thanks!

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  8. Please share this again! It's very beautiful music

  9. Thanks for the wonderful scans!