lunedì 6 gennaio 2014

Terje Rypdal - Skywards tour (1999)

Paolo Vinaccia - dr,perc
Ståle Storløkken - key
Terje Rypdal el-g

01 I Disremember Quite Well
02 The Hook
03 Only Because
04 Drum solo / Into The Wilderness
05 Without a Shadow
06 Mystery Man
07 Another tune
08 Per Ulv
09 The Sea / Out Of This World (Sinfonietta)
10 Daredevil

Recorded live at Kreativhaus, Münster, Germany on march 10, 1999
Thanks to Mel for recording & artwork

4 commenti:

  1. This is great! Many thanks Barabbovich + Mel.

  2. Thank you Barabbovich for making it possible to hear these wonderful shows! I live in the US and it's a shame these artists can't tour here - not enough support unfortunately! So - thanks for making these shows available - so appreciated!

  3. Alan - Amazon US shows a March 4th release date for "Five Years Later" - cause for celebration!

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