martedì 28 gennaio 2014

Gary Burton and the Berklee All Stars (1986)

Gary Burton, vibraphone
Jeff Stout, flugelhorn & trumpet
Bill Pierce, sax (tenor)
Orville Wright, piano
Larry Monroe, sax (alto)
Tommy Campbell, drums
Bruce Gertz, bass (electric)

01 Fat lady
02 Soulful Bill
03 Firm roots
04 Coral
05 Why'd you do it
06 Inner voyage
07 First memory
08 The blues walk
09 Crystal silence

CD out of print
DL here

4 commenti:

  1. Haven't heard this one, many thanks!

  2. When I unpacked the file I got the Berklee College Boston 2010 tracks. Any chance of getting the 1985 tracks? Would be wonderful, thanks in advance.

    1. Now it could be work right

    2. thanks Barabbovich, I'd only just noticed it was a live set I'd downloaded - now I have 2 great Burton downloads to listen to! ;)