domenica 26 gennaio 2014

Jukkis Uotila - Introspection (1984)

Dave Samuels: marimba, vibraphone
Jukkis Uotila : composer,drums, producer
Randy Brecker: trumpet
Bill Frisell: guitar
Michael Formanek: bass
Bob Mintzer: tenor sax
01 Moons
02 Tears
03 Children Of The New World
04 Quiet Authority
05 Happy Face
06 Rigor Mortis
07 Pablo On The Beach

CD out of print
DL here

6 commenti:

  1. This looks interesting - Frisell caught my eye out the lineup, and there's a few other familiar names there too - time to find out about Jukkis Uotila! Many thanks.

    1. It does look interesting! Gonna check it out as well! Thanks B! Alan - downloaded "Five Years Later" from Hiresaudio last nite - sounds beautiful!!

    2. an ECM classic in Hi-Res - can music possibly sound any better?

      going to pick up a copy at the end of the week. hoping that this is just the first bunch of a lot more out-of-print gems getting reissued!

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