mercoledì 18 settembre 2013

Enrico Rava quintet - “Tribe” in Lugano. ECM sessions 3 (2012)

Enrico Rava trumpet
Gianluca Petrella trombone
Giovanni Guidi piano
Gabriele Evangelista double-bass
Fabrizio Sferra drums

01 Certi angoli segreti
02 Medley: Planet Earth / Choctaw
03 Art deco (Don Cherry)
04 Dr. Ra and Mr. Va
05 Algir Dalbughi
06 Interiors
07 Tribe
08 Quizás, Quizás, Quizás (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) (Nat King Cole)

Reg. Auditorio RSI, 8 ottobre 2012
Tra jazz e nuove musiche 2012/13 – rassegna di Rete Due
Trasmesso da RSI Rete Due il 15 settembre 2013
Photo cover by Barabbovich


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  1. ok folks, the strange Rapidshare download times make sense now. They've been making some changes, and now have a new website layout. I tried to download without registering first, and the estimated time went straight up to 10 hours - then I decided to register (it's free as long as you pick the smallest option, 10GB) and downloaded this file (435MB) in under 2 minutes.

    Phew! :)

    So, anyway, many thanks again to Barabbovich. The 'Tribe' quintet are one of the best that Rava ever assembled (including the brilliant young pianist Giovanni Guidi), and this recording is just superb. Great stuff.

    1. Thanks Alan, as usual. You're a colomn of this blog!! ;-)

    2. how do you register a free account with Rapidshare, when I hit download, all I get is a picture of a lighthouse. there is no link for a slow download or anyway of registering a free account. Where is link for registering a free account? What is the procedure, any help appreciated. Barabbovich would it be possible to post the Globe Unity album at Gamefront or Mediafire or Zippyshare?

    3. hi James, hope this works - I'm on a PC with Firefox, appreciate it might be slightly different if you're on Internet Explorer, IOS, etc - from home screen - click on the blue box in the centre with the 'upload share backup anywhere' text - it turns orange and takes you to options for free registration (10GB) etc, when you hit continue you just have to register a name, country and email address.

      when you come back to this blog, or any others that use R/share, your cookies/temp data/whatever should remember that you're logged in to R/share when you hit a dl link.

      bit of a hassle initially, but worth it - Having downloaded files from R/share for about 10 years now, I've always admired them for being free of passwords/captchas and pop ups. They are total weirdos though when it comes to (frequent and unannounced) site re-designs and rule changes!

    4. Thank you Alan for your help, I had to download Firefox but then I was able to register and download was less than a minute Phew! is about right.

    5. No problem James, glad it all worked out. Ever since I switched to using Firefox I've never looked back, especially when it comes to file downloading, it just seems so much less hassle.

  2. Anch'io mi sono registrato. Sempre lento è: 2 ore per un file di 460MB (non 2 minuti!). Ma sempre meglio di 12 ore o più...

  3. Thanks immensely for this pristine soundboard recording of a great jam session. Great effort on your part to make this available.