sabato 7 settembre 2013

Barre Phillips - Call me when you get there (1984)

Barre Phillips, bass

01 Grants Pass
02 Craggy slope
03 Amos Crowns Barn
04 Pittmans rock
05 Highway 37
06 Winslow Cavern
07 Riverbend
08 Brewstertown 2

Currently not available
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6 commenti:

  1. It's astonishing that ECM has never released this on CD.

  2. love it when you post the ECM rarities! Barre Phillips is in a class of his own as a bass player, especially when playing in a challenging solo-bass format like this. Manfred Eicher should definitely give Phillips one of those retrospective box-sets like the ones for the early Garbarek albums & Arild Andersen albums.

  3. oh and of course.... thanks for posting! :)

    1. Thank oyu, Alan. I'm glad i've appreciated this post

  4. great post!!! grazie

    bp is a melodic romanticist in an otherwise uncompromisingly cold avant garde field...genius


  5. Is there any way this could possibly be reuploaded? Love Barre Phillips and would love to be able to hear this record.