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Barre Phillips - 2 german radio sessions (1980)

Journal Violone was - at first - a solo project by Barre which started out in 1968 as literally a kind of bass diary.  Journal Violone II was a trio effort, recorded by ECM and released in 1979. It somehow bridges the earlier trio-work (never on ECM) and the experimental work of Mountainscapes/Three Day Moon and the more vocal-oriented work on 'Music by Barre Phillips' (sadly never released on CD).
This seed is culled from two radio performances which are definitely not complete, but this is how it was originally seeded. 

John Surman - saxes, clarinets
Barre Phillips - bass, synths
Aina Kemanis - voice

 01 German Journal Violone #01
02 German Journal Violone #02
03 German Journal Violone #03
04 German Journal Violone #04
05 German Journal Violone #05
06 German Journal Violone #06
07 German Journal Violone #07
08 German Journal Violone #08
09 German Journal Violone #09
10 German Journal Violone #10

Unknown venue
Tracks 1-4 June 13, 1979
Tracks 5-10 March 16, 1980


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      Barabbovich - many thanks for this, especially good to hear Surman in such a rare context.

    2. Thank you both, Alan & cfibanez

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  3. muchas gracias amigo por los discos de John Surman y terje rypdal

  4. been enjoying lots of stuff from your sight
    trying groups i hadn't heard before as well as folks i listen to alot in new situations. thanks. any chance of a re-up on this one? thanks robert

  5. oops i made a type. should be " been enjoying lots of stuff from your site meaning your blog"