martedì 29 settembre 2015

Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio - The Swiss Concert (2015)

Wolfgang Muthspiel, guitars
Larry Grenadier, bass
Jorge Rossy, drums

01 Amelia (Joni Mitchell)
02 Bossa for Michael Brecker (Wolfgang Muthspiel)
03 Cambiata (Wolfgang Muthspiel)
04 Uptown (Wolfgang Muthspiel)
05 Peace (Horace Silver)
06 Jackson's pocket (Wolfgang Muthspiel)
07 Bass solo (Larry Grenadier)
08 Mehldau (Wolfgang Muthspiel)

Trasmesso Lunedì 21 settembre 2015 - ore 22,40 (Espace 2)
Registrato a La Spirale, Friburgo (Svizzera) il 16 maggio 2015

2 commenti:

  1. Many many thanks Barabbovich, this one is great!

    P.S. ECM news for everyone - John Abercrombie Quartet albums from 1979-1981 are to receive their first ever CD reissue, by the end of this year!

  2. Nice Alan - noticed that too on Amazon a few days ago! Those have been a long time coming. I think Arcade is avail tho somehow - very much looking fwd to the set! Cheers!

    And thanks again to B for all the great music! Just awesome! A new concert every two days or so - how nice! And great sound quality and covers!