giovedì 4 giugno 2015

Anouar Brahem New Quartet - Live in Basel (2014)

Anouar Brahem New Group
Klaus Gesing (bcl, sax)
Anouar Brahem (Oud)
François Couturier (p)
Björn Meyer (b)

01 Improbable Day
02 Tunis at Dawn
03 January
04 On the road
05 Band introduction
06 Nouvelle vague
07 Deliverance
08 Youssef's Song
09 Untitled
10 Like a dream
11 Souvenance
12 Closing

Registrato al Jazz Festival Basel 22.04.2015
Trasmesso Venerdì 29 maggio 2015 - ore 22,06 (SRF2)
wonderful concert. highly recommended

MP3 file here
Download flacced file here

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  1. Grazie mille! Excellent album & superb quality

  2. The mp3 version doesn't work?? Rapidgator doesn't put the code panel up after 45 secs. It's OK with the Flacc version

  3. Hopelessly slow. Thanks for your effort, but, frankly, these type of posts are just not useful to the community.

    1. I got the entire download in three seconds, using a web client -

  4. I would really like to hear many of these recordings, but rapidgator sucks - as Bernie is writing above. Would you consider another host like sendspace or mediafire, Barabbbovich? Would be much appreciated.

  5. I had the same problem with flac, would count down and just repaint. Was using firefox, switched over to safari and it worked. suggest using zippyshare.