domenica 13 dicembre 2015

Enrico Rava quartet - Ah (1981)

Enrico Rava: Trumpet
Franco d'Andrea: Piano
Giovanni Tommaso: Bass
Bruce Ditmas: Drums

1. Lulu
2. Ousider
3. Small Talk
4. Rose Sealvy
5. Ah
6. Trombonauta
7. At The Movies

Vinly rip here

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  1. Just got my Google account set up so I can thank you for all of the wonderful music. These artists I have supported for the last 40 years. Would also like to thank you for setting up this incredible web site. Thank you. Jim

  2. Could you possibly post the album "Musik" by Contact Trio. I own the LP but have not been able to get it onto a disk. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Jim

  3. I was wondering if you could help me find 2 recordings, John abercrombie, Rainer Brueninghaus & Trilok Gurtu Cologne Germany 1992
    Gateway trio at ONKEL PO's Hamburg 1975. Any help appreciated. Jim

  4. ciao.
    anche questo link ci ha lasciati.
    se un giorno avrai tempo per un nuovo share.
    grazie anticipate.