venerdì 30 maggio 2014

Steve Hillage - Live Herald (1979)

featuring Andy Anderson, Basil Brooks, Christian Boulè, Clive Bunker, Colin Bass, Curtis Robertson, Joe Blocker, John McKenzie, Miquette Giraudy, Phil Hodge, Steve Hillage

01 The Salmon Song
02 The Dervish Riff
03 Castle In The Clouds - Hurdy Gurdy Man
04 Light In The Sky
05 Searching For The Spark
06 Electrick Gypsies
07 Radiom - Lunar Music Suite - Meditation Of The Dragon
08 It's All Too Much - The Golden Vibe
09 Talking to the sun
10 1988 Aktivator
11 New age synthesis (Unzipping the zype)
12 Healing feeling

Double vinyl out of print.
Contains tracks not included in the CD
DL here

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