sabato 24 maggio 2014

David Darling - The Tao of cello (1989)

01 Restraint begins with giving up one's own ideas
02 Man follows the earth
03 When men lack a sense of awe, there will be a disaster
04 The Tao of heaven is to take from those who have too much and give to those who have too little
05 Man follows the earth. Earth follows heaven. Heaven follows the Tao. Tao follows what is natural
06 Knowing others is wisdom
07 The farther you go, the less you know
08 It is not wise to rush about
09 Returning is the motion of the Tao
10 See simplicity in the complicated
11 In dealing with others, be gentle and kind
12 He who is filled with virtue is like a newborn child
13 Yield and Overcome
14 What is firmly grasped cannot slip away
15 Tao follows the earth
16 Become as a child once more
17 Sometimes one is up and sometimes down
18 Just do what needs to be done
19 That is why a victory must be observed like a funeral
20 All men will come to him who keeps to the one
21 The valley spirit never dies
22 Heaven & earth last forever (Improvisation on Bach Suite 11, Praeludium)

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