sabato 15 marzo 2014

The Henrys - Desert cure (1998)

featuring David Trevis, Don Rooke, John Sheard, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Michael Billard, Michael White, Monte Horton

1. Tha painted desert
2. Travels with my ant
3. Maya descends
4. The goddess Maya (comes in a broken crate)
5. Why, Arizona
6. The Bunnyshop
7. Ballet parking
8. Pail face
9. Boolean hunters
10. Phonear
11. Hey Pal, I wear the dress in this family
12. Four eyes only
13. Wenzo
14. Tiny lung blues
15. Shaves from the alive one
16. Is this tomorrow?

Cd out of print
DL here

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  1. These two albums by the Henrys are quite unique! Many thanks!