giovedì 13 marzo 2014

The Henrys - Chasing grace (1996)

featuring David Trevis, Don Rooke, John Sheard, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Michael Billard, Michael White, Monte Horton

1. Social Piranhas
2. Din Of Inequity
3. Bait + Switch
4. Intro: Avenues
5. Avenues Of Forgiveness
6. Sawchuk Head
7. Joe Batt's Arm
8. Agony Aunt
9. Die Fieldmouse
10. Chump Changes
11. Rash
12. Sweet Daddy Siki
13. A Mouse In Sheep's Clothing

CD out of print
DL here

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  1. First, let me say, having just discovered your blog, it is truly a great music blog. And I don't say that just because I am asking a favor. :-) I have been chasing a copy of "Chasing Grace" for a long time and always seem a step off. Here, I simply can't use Rapidshare. I had trouble with it even when it was free, and I surely don't want to pay $50+ for it. Is there any way to up this one on, say, free Zippyshare? THANKS FOR CONSIDERING