martedì 24 maggio 2016

Gary Burton quartet - Live in Utrecht (1976)

Dan Gottlieb - drums
Gary Burton - vibes
Pat Metheny - guitar
Steve Swallow - bass

01 Falling Grace
02 B&G (Midwestern Night's Dream)
03 Desert Air
04 The Whopper
05 Dreams So Real
06 Como en Vietnam
07 Yellow Fields
08 Nacada

30 December 1976, Tivoli, Utrecht, Netherlands
Artwork & recording by my disappeared friend Chris from UK.

5 commenti:

  1. This site just gets better and better...

  2. yes, you always get the best live recordings from Barabbovich! classic lineup this one, sounding fantastic.

    1. Thank you both, Alan & Chico. Have a nice week

  3. Grande concerto.
    Lascio te i nomi dei compositori
    Grazie mille.

    (Scusate il mio italiano!)

    : )

    1. Falling Grace (Steve Swalow)
    2. B&G (Midwestern Night's Dream). (Pat Metheny)
    3. Desert Air (Chick Corea)
    4. The Whopper (Eberhard Weber)
    5. Dreams So Real. (Carla Bley)
    6. Como en Vietnam. (Steve Swallow)
    7. Yellow Fields (Eberhard Weber)

  4. Any chance we could a re-up for this show? Thanks in advance!