martedì 24 luglio 2012

Bill Frisell - Rumori mediterranei 2000

Tony Scherr, bass
Kenny Wollesen, drums
Bill Frisell, guitars

1. Keep your eyes open
2. What a world
3. Throughout
4. Blues for los Angeles
5. That was then
6. Rambler
7. Poem for Eva
8. Pip, squeak
9. Standard
10. Rain, rain

Recorded live in Roccella Jonica, Italy. Festival Jazz “Rumori Mediterranei”, on August 24, 2000
Excellent broadcast recording

Download here

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  1. Apologies for my inability to communicate in Italian. When I try to download this music, Rapidshare reports that it cannot fine the file. I thought you'd like to know. Many thanks for your assistance in getting this working again.