venerdì 16 marzo 2018

Roger Eno - In a room (1993)

Harmonia Ensemble
Orio Odori, clarinet
Damiano Puliti, cello
Alessandra Garosi, piano

Roger Eno, percussion on "A dance with no people"

01 Classical music for those with no memory (4th mov.)
02 Accordeon music
03 Lyric
04 Interlude
05 A moment
06 The perfumed garden
07 The dappled wood
08 A-typical waltz
09 The first eastern promise
10 Spring river
11 In a room where nothing happens
12 An excursion
13 Slow waltz
14 Alhambra
15 Translucemt tressillo
16 A dance with no people (Aromatic tango)

Composed by Roger Eno
produced by Giampiero Bigazzi

Comprising of cello, piano and clarinet, the ensemble move from classical toward something more contemporary, employing rhythms, melodies and textures which are rich and really engaging. Contemplative, the album is gentle but without lacking emotion or power.

1993, Materiali Sonori
Cd out of print
DL here

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