martedì 23 febbraio 2016

Oregon - The finnish concert (2015)

Ralph Towner (Classical guitar, piano, synthesizer)
Paul McCandless (Oboe, bass clarinet, soprano sax)
Paolino Dalla Porta (Double bass)
Mark Walker (Drums, hand percussion, drum synthesizer)

01 If
02 Anthem
03 The glide
04 Band introduction
05 As she sleeps
06 Aeolus
07 Creeper
08 Queen of Sydney
09 ReDial
10 Free piece
11 Spoken interlude
12 In stride
13 Witchi-Tai-To

Registrato il 25 aprile 2015, Tapiolasalissa Espoossa (Finlandia)
Trasmesso Domenica 7 e domenica 21 febbraio 2016 - ore 20,00 (Yle Radio 1)

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  1. impossible to download as a free user from rg!

  2. finally it worked! many thanks for this Oregon concert! What happend to Glen Moore, did he leave the group?

  3. What a fine concert! Once again another gem from Barabbovich! Thank you!!!

  4. Barabbovich it is impossible to download as a free user from rg! I've been trying for a month now. Thanks anyway it is not your fault.

  5. the link though RG is not responding, can you repair it? or upload in another service, many thanks.

  6. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  7. Thank you! I haven't heard this latest incarnation of Oregon yet.