martedì 2 giugno 2015

Marilyn Mazur's Celestial Circle - Live in Sweden (2014)

Marilyn Mazur´s Celestial Circle
John Taylor, piano
Josefine Cronholm, vocals
Anders Jormin, bass
Marilyn Mazur, drums, pecussion

01 Opening
02 Band introduction
03 Among the trees
04 Untitled
05 Unknown
06 Your eyes
07 Track with no title
08 Seventh tune
09 Closing

Registrato il 31 luglio 2014, Ystad Teater (Svezia)
Trasmesso Martedì 26 maggio 2015 - ore 20,30 (P2 Sverige Radio)

2 commenti:

  1. i am listening to it now and being blown away by this great music! What a great swinging trio it is, with a great singer! Didn´t expect this! Thanks so much and greatings from Brazil!