giovedì 26 marzo 2015

David Byrne - Music for The Knee Plays (1985)

Voice: David Byrne

Trumpets on 1-4, 11: Chuck Findley, Nolan Smith, Ray Brown, Rich Cooper; on 5-10, 12: Harry Kim, Nolan Smith, Ray Brown, Rich Cooper Saxophones on 1-4, 11: Pete Christlieb, Ernie Watts, Don Myrick

Saxophones on 5-10, 12: Pete Christlieb, Jackie Kelso

Baritones: Ernie Fields, Bill Green

Trombones: Phil Teil, David Stout, Fred Wesley, Garnett Brown, Dana Hughes

Drums: Paul Humphrey

Percussion: Bobbye Hall. Chuck Findley appears courtesy of Monterey Records. Ernie Watts appears courtesy of Qwest Records Kabuki

1. Tree (Today is an important occasion)
2. In the upper room
3. The sound of business
4. Social studies
5. (The gift of sound) where the sun never goes down
6. Theadora is dozing
7. Admiral Perry
8. I bid you goodnight
9. I've tried
10. Winter
11. Jungle book
12. In the future

Vinyl out of print

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  1. Great album! Bought this new on vinyl when it came out - was so surprised to see Byrne and ECM together - still have the vinyl. Hats off to Barabbovich for yet another great post! Thanks B!!