martedì 16 dicembre 2014

Codona - Estival jazz live in Italy (1978)

Collin Walcott, sitar, percussion, tablas
Don Cherry, pocket trumpet, reeds, vocals
Nana Vasconcelos, berimbau, drums, percussion

01 Like that of sky
02 Improvisation I
03 Improvisation II
04 Mumakata
05 Vocalese I & II

Artwork is not mine
Registrato dal vivo a Trevano, Switzerland, Aula Magna della Scuola Tecnica Superiore, l'8 settembre 1978

5 commenti:

  1. Wow - what a treat! Downloading as I type this - cannot wait to check it out! Thanks once again Barabbovich - you always find such interesting gems! Have actually been listening to these guys a lot recently after finding Codona I & II on vinyl! An early Christmas gift indeed!

  2. Many thanks Barabbovich - great recording, fantastic to have this!

  3. Alan - I think we have similar ears. Tell me your thoughts on "Travels" by young Metheny!

    1. Travels is great, with Metheny experimenting more than ever and starting to get in to Brazillian music too. Shows the way forward for the rest of the 80s. Do you have the Mesa 1982 PMG concert, I think Barabbovich posted it a while ago?

  4. Thx for response Alan - yes I have the Mesa show - great stuff! Saw the Travels tour in June '83 just before I turned 16 - incredible! First jazz show. That ECM stuff is great - his playing after leaving ECM has never been as appealing for some reason. Just my opinion!-)